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5 Everyday Tips to Protect your Data

With all the essential high-tech security measures in place, such as firewalls, anti-virus and email security, it is very easy to sit back and think your data is fully protected from being lost or stolen. However, human error and our everyday habits can make our sensitive data vulnerable. Adopt our five everyday tips to guarantee you will never be the one to lose vital information:

Use a unique password – avoid using the same password for everything otherwise you may inadvertently give someone access to all your accounts if you ever reveal it to, say, share some documents. Each password, whether it be for your PC, phone, email or individual documents should be unique, strong and extremely difficult to guess.

Lock your screen/Log off – in the time it takes you to make a coffee someone can access your data on your PC or device. Each time you leave your desk be sure to lock your screen and remember to log off correctly when you leave at the end of the day.

Use auto-save – how many times have we all got so engrossed in our work we forget to save it regularly? Avoid this common human error by setting up auto-save on your documents and emails.

Back-up your work –some accidents, damage or human errors can make your work at risk of being lost if it is only saved in one place. So your work is not lost forever, regularly back it up on a cloud network or on an offsite server.

Send emails through a virus scanner – you shouldn’t automatically open email attachments or download images in your emails as these could contain viruses. Stay safe by running any attachments or downloads through a virus scanner first.

With Serval Systemssecurity and back- up solutions and ongoing support you need never worry about losing your data or to having it stolen – call us NOW on 0843 636 6700.

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