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Data Protection – Are you secure?

Companies come under cyber attack an average of 2 million times a week. An attack affects businesses in different ways – from a few hours downtime through to the loss of data and potentially customers. The effects of data loss can be tragic. Studies have found 94% of companies who have suffered from a catastrophic data loss did not survive. So when was the last time you reviewed how well your data is protected?

Software and applications can always be reinstalled, but your data is valuable and often irreplaceable. Should it be lost or fall into the wrong hands could you afford for it to be abused? Therefore your first priority should be to protect it.

2013 was the worst year for data breaches – 740 million online records were exposed and in the first half of the year alone there were 500 data breaches, 89% of which were avoidable. The UK accounts for 8% of the world’s data security breaches and 90% of organisations have sustained at least one data breach in the past year. Many businesses don’t have the most basic security controls in place, never mind enforcing good data protection practices.

Data protection enforcements don’t just safeguard against data breaches but practices, such as data back-up and disaster recovery planning, prevent data loss.

The internet and technology now play an integral part in the daily running of businesses, in addition malware and hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated coming up with creative ways of gaining access to your data every day. Each application you install, webpage you view, email you receive or file you save carries a potential risk without the correct security measures in place. Keeping your data protection practices up-to-date, from security measures and reliable data storage to training your staff to be secure,will ensure potential threats are kept at bay.

Start securing your data from potential loss or theft with our data protection measures and on-going protection from Serval Systems. Simply contact us on 0843 636 6700 to find out now.

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