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What Should Your ‘Out of Office’ Say?

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Christmas is just around the corner, which for most of us means a mass exodus from the office. Opening hours at this time of year vary from business to business, so ensuring your employees or colleagues have their ‘out of office’ response set on their emails is an important part of your communications with your customers.

Create a template for your employees or colleagues, which they can personalise if they wish, with some of the vital information should customers get in touch whilst your offices are closed.

This should:
• Inform recipients that you are unable to respond and when you expect to return to the office
• Include emergency contact details
• Send a copy of each automatic reply to any other employees who need to be contacted or need to view your email updates by using Cc: and Bcc:

Your ‘out of office’ reply can be tailored to send to only a select few contacts as there may be some clients that you still need to contact over the holiday.

Additionally, if you are using versions of Outlook after 2010 you are able to display the automatic reply alert above the sender’s message, so you can inform them you are away before the email is sent out. This allows the sender to cancel the message or send it to another person, reducing the number of emails you have to deal with when you return to the office.

Whether you are on holiday for a few hours, days or weeks, it is important to arrange your ‘out of office’ settings not just for your clients’ benefit but also your own. Clients and other colleagues will be informed you are away and not to expect a response, so they can stay productive themselves, while you stay free from emails and able to enjoy the festivities undisturbed.

Find out how to set your Outlook to ‘out of office’ with Microsoft.

Email Security: Spam Explained

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Spam emails are a modern day pest. In the same way we are hounded with junk mail through our letter box, we are pestered with unsolicited mail electronically as well.

Spam or junk email has many of the same characteristics as postal junk mail, but its aim is often far worse.

What are Spam Emails?

Spam emails are unwanted, offensive and fraudulent emails with the sole purpose of getting you to click on the links within the message.

From informing you of a competition win to notifying you of fraudulent activity on your bank account, spammers will do anything to encourage you to click on the link. Once clicked you’ll either be taken to a:

• Phishing website
• Website hosting malware

A phishing website will ask for personal information such as usernames, passwords and even credit card details, often disguised as your bank or a competition. Malware is a piece of harmful software which is used to attack computers or networks in order to obtain sensitive information or simply to disrupt computer operation. You want to avoid both, especially when it comes to work-based email accounts.

How to Avoid Spam Emails

Email addresses are collected from across the web by spammers and hackers, from websites, forums, customer lists and more.

That spammy-looking competition you entered recently? Chances are your email address, along with millions of others was sold on. Here are some handy tips on avoiding being hit by the spam train in the future:

Avoid posting your email address, both personal and work, in public areas, such as forums.

Protect yourself with two separate email accounts. One for personal emails from family, friends and sensitive information such as online banking and shopping, and the other for other online services including competitions.

Don’t use a work email address to sign up to online services.

Never hit the reply or unsubscribe buttons on spam emails. These are a sure-fire way to attract even more spam emails as it’ll tell the fraudsters that your account is active.

Read through a website carefully before signing up to anything. If you have the option to ask them not to pass on your details to other companies, take, or tick, it.

Business IT Support for Offices

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Bustling offices, small businesses and internal IT support have never mixed well. Busy offices have limited resources and a working week is packed with day-to-day tasks, leaving little spare time for staff to focus solely on IT.

Often it isn’t financially viable for small and medium businesses to hire a staff member dedicated to managing IT. And even if it is, there is always the question of how to cope if that employee is off sick, on holiday or suddenly quits their job. A dedicated outsourced IT team, on the other hand, will be there to support and guide your business through any major IT issues, in a much more cost-effective way than one person can.

Ongoing IT Support

How many times have you heard staff struggling to get computers and programmes to work, yet to no avail? At Serval Systems we offer a three tier support system, ensuring that no matter how big or small our clients’ queries are there is someone on hand to get them back to work.

If something went wrong with an employee’s computer is there someone they can quickly call to fix it? That’s exactly the kind of query a professional IT company are prepared for.

Planning and Implementing IT Development Projects

There’s little time to focus on new IT projects in a busy office, meaning your systems can end up left in the Stone Age. Would you know how to bring your IT systems up-to-date?

An upgrade and improvement in IT systems can increase productivity by streamlining work processes. An experienced IT team will be able to advise your business when it’s time to develop your IT and what you should be upgrading to.

Serval Systems worked with tour operator Bales Worldwide to provide IT maintenance, ensuring their systems were up-to-date and staff supported to maintain a high level of service to their customers. After relocating their IT equipment to our hosting centre in East Grinstead we were able to provide remote support for the business and their employees.

To find out more about how we can help with your IT developments and support contact us now by calling 0843 636 6700.

IT Support Services for Accountants

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We all know how frustrating it can be to receive incorrect wages. But to ensure that we all get paid the right amount at the right time, accountants must rely heavily upon access to data, such as payroll information. While IT systems can make or break an accountancy business, a well designed network will ensure your accountancy practice always runs smoothly. With the right levels of IT support your business can run a totally reliable service, which will instil confidence in your clients and help your business flourish.

Accessing historical financial data is necessary to running vital tasks for your clients, such as payroll, and managing incoming and outgoing payments. If data were to be lost in a system failure it could result in permanent damage to your business.

At Serval Systems we understand the vital role IT plays every day. We have worked closely with Sussex-based accountants Clarity Accounting, who, as they grew, found that their existing systems were beginning to buckle under the pressure. Our expert team provided a solution tailored to meet the needs of their business and the requirements of the Clarity team. The introduction of a new server ensures Clarity is fully prepared to handle the growing demands of their clients with more robust and resilient systems in place.

It’s important to ensure you stop any IT system problems before they cause serious damage to your business. Get in touch with the team at Serval Systems to find out more about how we can help by calling us now on 0843 636 6700.

VoIP Features That’ll Have Your Office Ringing with Joy

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The introduction of hosted telephony has revolutionised the way in which offices work. With more flexibility and ease, businesses across the UK are reaping the benefits of VoIP hosted telephony technology.

What is VoIP?

Firstly, what exactly does VoIP mean? Voice over Internet Protocol (or IP) simply means that calls are made over the internet. VoIP operates in a similar way to Skype, the phone system is hosted via cloud computing, meaning flexibility is at your fingertips – so long as there’s an internet connection.

Fab Features to Benefit Your Business

1. Hold Music
Say farewell to mute buttons plunging your clients and customers into silence and present a more professional appearance with built-in hold music. Choose the type of music you play to clients and ensure it’s in keeping with your company branding.

2. Call Routing
Because VoIP telephone systems are hosted in the cloud, you can route calls to wherever you are with an internet connection. Seamless call routing to computers and mobile devices mean you’ll never miss a call again.

3. Call Screening
Do constant sales calls disrupt your business? With the call screening feature you can manage all incoming calls, choose whether you want to route them to a mobile or disconnect them completely.

4. Remote Support
Issues are easily resolved on VoIP handsets. Cloud hosting means your system can be remotely accessed to review and fix any errors, meaning your business can be back up and running quickly.

5. Employee Friendly
The user-friendly interface of VoIP systems makes it easier than ever for employees to manage their phones. Employees will find simple tasks such as transferring a call quick and easy compared to traditional phone systems, increasing efficiency within the office.

6. Systems to Grow With You
Hosting your telephony systems in the cloud means that meeting the demands of the business happens at the touch of a button. Adding additional phone lines and handsets can quickly be implemented, so you’ll always have a phone solution ready and waiting when your business is ready to expand.

7. Reporting
Improve your phone efficiency with detailed call reports. Call data for inbound and outbound calls, including call history, duration, originator, destination and cost, are all captured and stored in the cloud.

Remote Access FAQs

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Security and data protection are a major concern for businesses when it comes to working remotely. We’re often asked by our clients how safe remote access is, how it works and what the benefits are. Here are our most frequently asked questions about remote access and the best tools around:

What does remote access mean?

It simply means accessing data or resources remotely. For businesses this means your workforce can access files on their work computers from the comfort of their own homes.

How secure is it?

A good system will have suitable levels of security in place to protect your business, your data and your employees. We recommend a system which ensures data is encrypted – encryption is used throughout the internet, keeping our day-to-day transactions, such as online shopping and banking, secure. Security measures, including password protection, will make sure only authorised people have access to your remote network.

Can I keep track of who is accessing what and when?

There are plenty of remote access tools out there, but systems such as Citrix and terminal services are able to keep a close track on who is accessing the system and when. If you’re storing highly sensitive data then we recommend you opt for a system which provides you with visibility over who is accessing your network.

How can remote access tools benefit our business?

Do you have employees working from home or away on business? If so, remote access capabilities will most definitely benefit you. Introducing remote access to your business will provide employees with flexibility to carry on working with minimal disruption, whether that be from their homes or whilst they are away on a business trip.

What are the best remote access tools?

The type of tool will depend entirely upon your requirements and the number of people who will be using the remote access capability. Each programme offers something different; some may be more suitable than others for your company. At Serval Systems we prefer to work with Citrix. Its easy-to-use user interface means both you and your employees will have no problem getting to grips with the system and its tracking abilities mean you can keep an eye on what data is being accessed.

Guide to Cloud Computing for Small & Medium Businesses

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Small and medium businesses across the UK are leading the way with cloud computing, but what is it and how can it benefit your business? Businesses are increasingly moving away from the traditional IT infrastructure, opting for a minimised, slicker system. Cloud computing allows you to store virtually everything on the internet, minimising the need for IT hardware including servers. Everyday business applications which traditionally would have to run through a physical server can all be hosted and run on the internet through the cloud.

Here are our three reasons why you should switch to the cloud today:

Save money and space

The cloud eliminates the need for bulky servers sitting in the corner of your office collecting dust and taking up valuable space. At a fraction of the cost of traditional servers the cloud can act as an inexpensive solution to your existing IT infrastructure.

Enjoy business flexibility

Traditional servers come with a host of limitations, such as space-consuming and the lack of flexibility when in comes to meeting demand. Switching to a cloud-based solution means the demands of the business can be met as and when they occur. It allows the flexibility to grow and expand without limits.

Work anywhere, anytime

The beauty of cloud computing is everything is on the internet. For your workforce this means complete flexibility when it comes to their working patterns. With everything online it means they can work from anywhere with internet access. The company network will be accessible via any PC, tablet or smartphone.

Want to start making your IT work for you and not the other way around? Get in touch with Serval Systems now on 0843 636 6700 and speak to the team to find out how.

How Can You Improve Employee Performance Through IT?

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Poor IT infrastructure and processes not only affect customer satisfaction, but also employee productivity. If IT systems are letting you and your employees down, read on to find out how making improvements now could help to keep your employees happy and their productivity levels up:

How IT Improves Employee Productivity

Minimises the need for paperwork

Opting to go paper-free in your office and introducing an online filing and process system will be the best decision you can make for your business. Filing paperwork is a pet-hate for many employees, so by introducing a slicker process they’ll find this part of their job easier, quicker and less of a chore.

All of your information stored in one place

Cloud computing has revolutionised the way small and medium-sized businesses operate on a daily basis. If you’re not using the Cloud yet, you’re wasting valuable time and money on existing systems. Cloud technology allows you to store everything safely and securely in one place, at a fraction of the cost of a basic low-end server, saving employees the time and hassle of trawling through endless files and filing cabinets to locate documents.

On-call support

Should a computer fail or a fatal error put a halt to your IT systems, would your employees know how to deal with it quickly and efficiently? If not, make sure you have an IT support company that will be able to offer on-call support. They’ll provide you and your business with quick responses and solutions when any IT problems occur, meaning minimal disruption to your business and your employees’ work.

If you’re struggling with employee productivity get in touch with Serval now to find out what solutions we can provide to make your business the best it can be, call us now on 0843 636 6700.

Common IT Problems Facing Small Businesses

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Anyone working with computers on a daily basis will be familiar with the IT problems which regularly arise. Both small and medium sized businesses rely heavily upon IT infrastructure, regardless of the sector you operate in. Having either an in-house IT expert or outsourcing to an IT support company is vital when it comes to dealing with the daily IT issues facing businesses, from small system blips to larger-scale problems.

At Serval Systems we have over 14 years’ experience working closely with a variety of companies to solve their IT niggles. Take a look at our list of the Top 3 most common IT issues we find facing businesses throughout Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

1. Budget

Despite the UK economy making a slow recovery from the recession, businesses are still often running on a tight budget and IT isn’t necessarily topping the list of priorities. Employing an IT services company to take that off your hands will actually save you money in the long run, ensuring you’re set up with the necessary networks and tools to get the most from your business.

2. Support

It’s rare to find an employee who can do the job they’re hired for as well as manage your IT systems. Small daily problems will always occur where an office is using computers and the network on a regular basis. When something goes wrong it’s reassuring to know there’s someone you can call on for help. With an outsourced IT company they’ll be a phone call away to get your employees back to work in no time.

3. Safe Data and Security

With the advent of cloud computing and the increase in security risks we are regularly asked ‘how safe is my data?’ ‘Where is it stored?’ From dodgy websites through to social media sites, email security through to viruses, hackers are finding increasingly creative ways to cause damage and disruption to businesses. Cutting back on business security programmes could cost further down the line. Imagine losing confidential information and important data, what would that mean for your business?

Struggling with the above issues? Or want to be pro-active and stop these issues ever affecting you? Get in touch with Serval now for an IT solution.

Things to Look for When Choosing an IT Company

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When deciding upon IT support, there are several considerations to bear in mind that can help you to decide which IT Company works best for you and your business. We’ve put together three key questions for you to consider when outsourcing IT support.

Do they provide on-call support?

Many smaller businesses don’t have a dedicated IT person charged with providing support throughout the week for day-to-day IT issues. Without that dedicated personnel, what would happen should your IT systems fail? With on-call support an outsourced IT company can provide phone support on demand, keeping your business going.
For example at Serval we have operate a three tier approach to dealing with incoming queries, allowing us to deal with client problems as efficiently as possible;
•  First Line Support – For your immediate and simple needs
•  Second Line Support – To speak to our engineering team
•  Third Line Support – More complex problems, which can require system changes and in-depth knowledge
By having these lines of supports it means that whatever your problem, big or small, there is somewhere here who can help.

Can they provide advice on the latest technologies?

IT can be a confusing world for those with little knowledge of it. Technology moves and evolves so quickly it’s almost impossible to keep up-to-date as well as run your business. A proactive IT company will offer you advice and guidance on new technology that will benefit your business, saving you time and money. Some of the latest IT advents saving businesses time and money include Cloud Computing and Hosted VoIP Technology.

Is it local?

For many people one of the first concerns is pricing when it comes to business IT services, followed closely by whether the company is local to them. If technical difficulties are affecting your business you want it fixing straight away before you start to lose money. At Serval Systems we are able to operate across the South Coast to ensure that, should your business experience a technical problem, you’re back up and running as soon as possible. Mayo Wynne Baxter, solicitors that are based across Sussex have outsourced their IT with Serval for the last decade. We offer IT support in Crawley, Dorking, Eastbourne, East Grinstead and across the South Coast.

Importance of Reliable IT Systems in Schools

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Today technology affects every part of our lives, from how we communicate to our working day. But now it is more than something used to entertain and keep a business running. Technology and the internet have become an integral part of the education system in schools throughout the country. Teachers are benefitting from flexible IT solutions and seeing vast improvements in pupils’ interaction within lessons, providing:

     • Fun lessons
     • Interactive curriculums
     • Pupils who are engaged and participating

An increased demand on IT resources can put extra strain on school equipment and the network itself, causing systems to run slowly under the pressure. Whilst teachers may be familiar with the technology, it’s unfair to expect them to be able to manage and fix the school’s ICT infrastructure. Investing in a reliable IT system can give teachers the confidence to introduce a more interactive IT element into lessons.

IT Upgrade for Steyning St Andrews School

Serval Systems has experience providing IT support for schools, and has worked closely with Steyning St Andrews School in West Sussex since 2003. Our team worked closely with the school’s ICT technician to strengthen their capabilities, after teachers and pupils began to move away from using the technology due to failing desktops and slow internet connections. The Steyning St Andrews School decided on making the change to a Thin Computing solution, and with guidance from Serval Systems found a Wyse Thin Client system to meet the needs and demands of the school. The school has seen excellent results and pupils confidence with the technology has soared. Teachers are using the technology more in lessons, and are able to use the secure work area set up by Serval Systems to work from home and plan lessons.

Choosing the Right IT Support Company

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We live in a digital world and running a business without any form of digital technology is nigh on impossible. Storing vital data, sending and receiving emails, capturing client and customer details – can you imagine attempting to run your business day-to-day without even the most basic technology?

Finding an IT solution to match the everyday needs of your business has a whole host of benefits – from keeping a business running smoothly through to keeping employees and customers happy. Identifying your needs and requirements is the first priority, a reliable IT support company can offer expert advice when it comes to finding a suitable solution and introducing new systems and procedures. IT development projects require vast amounts of planning before the implementation in order to keep disruption to day-to-day business at a minimum.

Serval Systems provide IT support in Sussex, Surrey and Kent, to a variety of companies across numerous sectors including solicitors and schools. Working closely alongside your teams we will find out exactly what your requirements are and create an IT solution to match.

London and South East-based accountants Clarity Accounting got in touch with Serval Systems after noticing the growing demand from clients was affecting their software performance. As the business expects to continue its growth our team installed new systems which could be phased into the business as demand grew. All PCs were upgraded in order to improve performance and efficiency, an offsite back-up solution was implemented to protect the increasing amount of critical data and Serval Systems built a new IBM X3550 server ready for when Clarity upgrade their Windows Small Business Server.

Security for Business IT

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Reliable IT and support networks are essential to keeping any business running. But if you are you’re storing valuable data how do you keep it protected? The main issues faced in IT support in Burgess Hill, Crawley and the surrounding areas are security-related. With a vast amount of valuable data it’s essential you’re properly protected. Protection against external attacks is one of the key areas of concern when it comes to IT security:

Cloud Computing
Cloud computing allows businesses to quickly access up-to-date software and broaden their IT infrastructure without incurring heavy costs. However the level of security protecting data is often a key concern for companies. With secure data centres and daily backups provided via an IT support company, you can rest assured your data and your business is secure. Automatic and regular updates to cloud computing ensure systems are always protected against the latest cyber threats.

Email Security
Businesses rely upon emails as a main form of contact. They’re prone to attack from spammers, viruses and malicious codes, but they’re not the only areas which need covering when it comes to business emails. Email solutions such as Mailsweeper or Messagelabs Webroot protect emails against attacks as well as dealing with confidential information loss, liability from illegal or offensive content, wasted bandwidth and storage, providing complete corporate email security.

Anti-virus Protection
Security breaches of IT systems can happen at any time to any business. Are you confident that your systems are protected with a properly configured firewall were your business to be targeted? Malicious threats continue to grow in frequency and size, becoming more sophisticated and complex than ever before. When protecting sensitive data you may require a multi-layered approach covering all aspects of IT with products such as Panda and Sophos.

The team at Serval Systems provide expert IT support and services in East and West Sussex, Surrey and Kent. We work alongside clients as an outsourced IT support company, providing not only a high level of security and anti-virus services and solutions, but a three-tier IT support service for business.

IT Support and Services for Solicitors

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It’s no surprise that technology has crept into every aspect of our lives, particularly in business. Most companies depend heavily upon their IT, and in the fast-paced legal environment an IT system that can keep up is essential. For solicitors a reliable IT system keeps their business running and their clients happy. But if the worst were to happen, and data was lost for example, do they have the in-house experts to ensure files are recovered without damage?

Unless you’re a large corporate company there is often not the budget to keep a dedicated team of IT professionals. Many solicitors and legal professionals will outsource IT support to ensure their IT systems and important files are properly protected and kept up-to-date to avoid any disasters.

An IT support company can provide anti-virus services, protecting systems, documents and emails against harmful programmes which can take down an entire business causing serious disruption – and worst of all lose customers. Serval Systems worked with leading solicitor, Mayo Wynne Baxter, to provide a back-up solution in the form of a disaster recovery centre, protecting the business against potential IT disasters.

Our team have been working alongside Mayo since 2002 to provide IT support for the solicitors. Since the beginning of the project we have introduced several measures which have saved the business money on IT support and almost completely removed the need for desktop maintenance.

Benefits of Outsourced IT Support and Services

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As an integral part of your business, a working IT system keeps your employees and customers happy. Stories of big name companies whose IT systems have failed their customers are never far from the headlines and the damage can be long-term.

Outsourced IT support services however allow your team to focus on their jobs, whilst IT issues are left to the experts to fix – keeping your business ticking, and saving time and money. An outsourced IT team can offer:

Help Desk Support
A direct line of access for your team, allowing them to directly report any issues, however large or small the problem may be. Simple problems are often resolved within a phone call, whilst serious issues require an engineer’s in-depth knowledge.

Desktop and Software Management
Do your team know when their software needs updating? They shouldn’t need to – unless their job is within IT, of course. Outsourcing to an IT support company takes the hassle from your team and ensures your business systems and software are always up-to-date.

Disaster Recovery
What’s your recovery plan should the worst happen? Every business is susceptible to IT threats and failures, making a back-up plan essential to ensure you’re up and running again as soon as possible. Whether it’s through cloud computing or a disaster recovery centre, an IT expert will advise you on the best option to suit your business needs.

Serval Systems supplies outsourced IT solutions to companies of all sizes throughout Sussex, Surrey and Kent. Plumbing supply company, Drakes, came to Serval looking for IT support in East Grinstead when they wanted a solution to solve employee IT issues and high-level IT support. We work closely alongside the entire team to provide support services at their branches across Kent and Sussex, from first line support for team members through to complex IT issues.

Discover Open-E Storage

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Data storage and backup is a top priority for companies. Any loss of data can be a serious drain on time and finances if the worse were to happen. Ensuring a reliable data storage centre is in place can give you the peace of mind to focus on your business and not your IT.

At Serval Systems we strive to find the best products, which allow us to provide a better service. We understand the importance of protecting business data, which is why we have partnered with Open-E. Known as a pioneering leader and developer within the IT industry, Open-E provides exceptional data storage software and disaster recovery services.

Since 1998 Open-E have been providing IT solutions for businesses worldwide, and partner with just a handful of companies in the UK. With products aimed at small and medium businesses which have an excellent reputation for flexible, reliable and scalable products and applications which include file sharing, backup and restore, storage consolidation and remote replication for disaster recovery.

This streamlined system for storing data and managing your IT is easy-to-use and provides return-on-investment, saving you time and physical storage space.

The Importance of a Data Backup Strategy

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How often does your business back its data up? Companies failing to backup their data are taking unnecessary risks which could see them out of business should disaster strike. It’s easy enough to lose vital data, but not so easy to recover years of lost files. Those who have experienced any kind of data loss report significant impact to both their customer base and sales, is it a risk worth taking?

In an advancing technical world there are a number of ways to avoid data loss. With a variety of options available a business should first identify their needs before putting in place a backup strategy. What data needs to be backed up? Where are you going to keep it? Do you need full backup at another location or online? IT backup solutions should be tailored to suit the needs of the business, for example not all companies need a daily backup due to the nature of their work – although regular weekly backups should be a minimum requirement.

Hardware backup solutions should be complemented by at least a secondary, if not a third data backup system. One such cost-effective, simple and reliable backup service is the Symantec Backup Exec for Windows. This highly reliable and secure system allows businesses to store valuable data and reduces storage costs, with a disaster recovery feature, SQL server and single drive library support it protects from server to desktop.

Ultimately getting a backup strategy in place before a data loss occurs will save a business time and major financial losses further down the line.

How can Citrix XenServer support your business IT?

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Management of desktops within businesses is one of the most time-consuming tasks when not managed correctly. There are a multitude of applications available aimed at making the process of desktop management hassle-free, as well as reducing costs. Citrix XenServer, like the Citrix XanApp programme available, takes control of servers and desktops in businesses large and small to offer a cost effective solution.

The Citrix XenServer provides a complete, managed server virtualisation platform. As one of the most secure virtualisation platforms in the industry it is trusted by thousands to run their business smoothly and efficiently.

Using server virtualisation multiple virtual machines can run on a single physical server, eliminating the need for physical servers and in turn saving businesses money on electricity and cooling system costs. With cloud based storage and a quick turnaround should your business suffer any disaster or loss of power, giving you peace of mind that you’re in safe hands.

For an efficient and agile IT system which allows your business to adapt smoothly and quickly get in touch with Serval Systems to find out more about how Citrix XenServer and XanApp can help your business be the best it can be.

Phone Solutions for Businesses

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If your business was to grow or change, could your current phone system meet your needs? Businesses today are constantly evolving and growing, and an adaptable IT and phone system is vital to keep the company going. In the case of small and medium businesses a flexible system will help keep costs down as the company continues to expand.

The Avaya IP Office system provides a cost effective solution for business phone systems. At Serval we have worked with many companies who were searching for a flexible phone system, which could be successfully integrated with the existing IT. The adaptable system can quickly and easily change to meet the requirements of your business, should the need occur. The ability to connect to a range of devices, including smart phones and tablets can help to increase the productivity, capacity and capabilities of your business.

Whether your business currently has five or 500 employees, across single or multiple sites, the Avaya phone system will ensure you can provide excellent levels of customer service. At Serval Systems we can offer advice and guidance when it comes to choosing a suitable solution for your phone systems, get in touch to find out more.

Is your antivirus solution enough?

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As the backbone of your business your IT network supports all that you and your employees do. So what would happen if that network was attacked? An attack can happen at any time without warning and take hold of your IT system within minutes. Constant advances in technology mean malicious threats are a growing concern.

Do you have an up-to-date antivirus solution in place to protect your business? Business IT systems are an obvious target and suitable antivirus solutions should be a top priority when organising IT solutions for your business. IT systems and records need to be properly protected, but the protection requirements for large and small companies will differ greatly.

Companies using smaller IT systems for example need only a properly configured firewall installed on each machine, whereas larger companies must employ a multi-layered antivirus solution. A multi-layered antivirus solution will protect against external damaging emails, firewall-based threats and provide onsite antivirus software which can be installed onto multiple desktops, leaving your business fully protected.

Serval Systems has experience implementing a range of antivirus solutions for businesses, using software-based products including Panda, Sophos and Symantec. Get in touch with the team and we will help create the best antivirus programme for you.

Business IT Continuity

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As a company you are almost completely reliant on IT for day-to-day operation, it has never been more important to have a business continuity plan in place to ensure your business can continue to trade in the event of a crisis.

Having IT support in place prior to a breakdown can ensure your business is protected 24/7 when the response time needs to be fast to alleviate a problem.

Serval Systems provide first class support to all its clients but if you do not consider them prior to system failures and have no IT support backup the damage can be too late leading to lost income and potentially customers walking away.

Understanding the trend and interest of Cloud computing, Serval Systems can create businesses in Hayward’s Heath with their own virtual area to increase capacity allowing the users to access their data all over the world without the need to invest in new infrastructure. It is expected that in four years almost every company will be using Cloud computing systems. Stand out from the competition, act now and access the most up to date software and infrastructure without a single upgrade. Tap into our fully hosted online service.

Taking business IT support to the next level, Serval Systems is the solution to having IT backup in place. Make us a part of your business continuity planning. Get in touch and find out how Serval Systems can provide IT Solutions for your business in Hayward’s Heath.

Three tier business IT support

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Information technology has become a vital component of all companies; the wheels that make day-to-day operations run smoothly.

But unless you have the requirement for an in-house business IT support department, and indeed the budget, the choice you face is between an ad hoc solution, whereby someone in your organisation with some IT knowledge handles your IT support as best they can, or an outsourced partner.

While we may not be based literally within your organisation, our team of business IT support professionals is only ever a phone call away and our escalation service means there’s always a solution to your problem.

We’re not here to blind you with science or baffle you with IT jargon but to hopefully provide support and solutions to your IT problems right from your initial call. Our three-tier IT support service means there are multiple routes to finding the right solution for you.

If for any reason your problem is not remedied by the IT support expert who first takes your call, they will refer the issue to our second line of support where your issue will be dealt with by a professional IT systems engineer. And should your issue prove even more complex third tier business IT support is available.

Serval Systems promises to be with you every step of the way when it comes to providing first class business IT support services.

The Benefits of Citrix XanApp

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An IT network is the backbone of every business today. Almost all industries are computer-based in one way or another. Therefore a reliable and cost effective IT system must be in place, as well as up-to-date applications. Citrix XanApp offers an easy-to-manage IT solution for businesses worldwide, saving time and money when it comes to desktop management.

At Serval Systems we understand the need for a simple solution to business application management. Installing a Citrix XanApp server centralises all the vital IT applications a business needs in a single data centre, including Microsoft Office, and creates an easy-to-manage solution. Applications can be accessed by employees anywhere on any device, eliminating the need for traditional desktop management.

Manage a single instance of each application with Citrix XanApp rather than manually managing applications on multiple PCs. An improved application management system will reduce the cost of desktop management by up to 50%, as well as improving security and protecting intellectual property.

Over 100 million people worldwide use Citrix XanApp to manage business applications. At Serval Systems we have worked with businesses throughout Sussex, implementing and managing Citrix application servers. Tour operator Bales Worldwide came to Serval in need of a reliable infrastructure to support their growing business, our expert team installed a Citrix farm to manage all business applications as well as a disaster recovery suite.

Get in touch with Serval Systems to discuss how Citrix XanApp will help your business and a free, no obligation consultation.

Stand out above the clouds

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As the administrative hub of Mid Sussex and located squarely between London and Brighton, with Gatwick Airport just a short drive away, Haywards Heath is unsurprisingly a popular location as a base for many businesses. This popular commuter town’s prestigious business residents include the south east regional base of Barclays Bank, international vehicle breakdown company Europ Assistance and the district’s own administrative centre Mid Sussex District Council. In addition to these high profile private and public sector residents, Haywards Heath also boasts 20-plus business parks and industrial estates. And every one of these will be heavily reliant on their IT for the smooth running of their day-to-day operations.

Serval Systems has a solid track record of serving the IT needs of businesses across West Sussex, including Haywards Heath. Dedicated to supporting the IT networks of Sussex-based businesses, the Serval team understand that their clients require a quick response whenever IT issues arise.

From their base in East Grinstead, Serval Systems is well placed to provide IT support in Haywards Heath and throughout Sussex. The East Grinstead branch of Drakes Plumbing Supplies is just one Sussex client that has increased their efficiency and improved communications within the organisation as a result of Serval’s IT support. The company has also coordinated the IT solutions across the Sussex offices of solicitors Mayo Wynne Baxter.

Do the cogs of your business need oiling?

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Information technology has become a vital component of all companies and has become the wheel that makes day to day processes run smoothly. It is unimaginable how a business today would exist without it, the adoption of IT has massively changed the way businesses work. Companies are able to provide a better service as processes are much more efficient, not forgetting the fact that many opportunities are available, as a business is not confined to traditional physical boundaries.

Before a business IT support system is installed the decision needs to be made whether to outsource or develop in-house. It is a perennial issue that has now become easier to answer.

Our job is not to blind you with science or to hide behind complicated IT jargon but to hopefully provide solutions to your IT problems within the first initial call. If for whatever reason we can’t we provide a second line support where your IT issue will be dealt with by a highly professional systems engineer. We know that not all IT problems can be simple, as complex issues can arise. Fear not as there is third line support available.

With you every step of the way, always a pair of remote hands to provide first class support!
Serval Systems customers come in all shapes and sizes and are given a solution to fit! Providing customers in Crawley, Gatwick and Horsham, Hayward’s Heath, Burgess Hill, Eastbourne and surrounding areas with a business IT support service enabling you to concentrate on core activities allowing the experts to do the rest.

Partner and provider of IT support to Mayo Wynne Baxter, Serval Systems, managed the IT support of four sites in 2004 which Serval Systems soon discovered to be an overly cumbersome task to manage. With their skills and expertise held Mayo Wynne Baxter’s hand through the transition period as we successfully transferred all data centrally in Brighton with a disaster recovery system in Lewes. Mayo Wynne Baxter are one of many companies achieving significant gains to their business whilst benefitting from a cost reduction in IT support.

The essence of our business is to provide first class IT support to all businesses as we did with Mayo Wynne Baxter.

The question is no longer “Outsource business IT support or In-House?” but choosing to have gaps in support or being able to do it properly.

If you need to outsource your It support call us now on 0843 636 6700 or contact us for a free, no obligation consultation and our skilled team will propose an IT solution which will help your business be the best it can be. 

The Benefits of a Hosted Desktop

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One of the many applications of IT, particularly in the business arena, is the use of a hosted desktop. Cloud computing is one of the most frequent IT projects we undertake for businesses looking to streamline their processes.

By using a centralised server, cloud computing allows stripped down systems to function in a way that is typical of more advanced hardware on a local machine. It’s a process known as virtualisation, in which the server uses its hardware to push a virtual desktop to a machine that may have lesser hardware.

The great thing about a hosted desktop is that it functions in exactly the same way as a non-virtualised machine. The desktop experience performs very well and although performance levels aren’t exactly the same in a hosted desktop – they are extremely close.

Virtualised systems in a cloud computing setup work over the network, there are a large number of different ways of achieving this and maintaining excellent business security systems. Wireless cloud computing is achievable using standard Wi-Fi technology, and it is very fast when used, although wired solutions offer a more rugged durability – it all depends on your business setup.

An added advantage of a hosted desktop is the ability to access business data anywhere in the world. This is advantageous in a variety of circumstances, such as when travelling on business – or even just commuting. This allows more flexibility and introduces the possibility of telecommuting.

The savings in the cost of hardware are substantial when using a virtualised systems, by having a centralised server with its own hardware there are fewer components to upgrade as technology changes. Maintenance is also simplified when there are any problems, and of course our support services offer excellent assistance in a cloud computing set up.

Hosted desktops are fantastic IT solution in business, providing a streamlined and efficient way of doing business – without impacting the power of your desktop or limiting access to your data.

Be sure to check back here for the latest news and updates from the Serval Systems blog. If you have any questions, or would like to know more about any of our services – please feel free to contact us.

IT: Managed Services for Hassle-Free Systems – Allowing Companies to Focus on the Core of their Business

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IT systems are an absolute necessity when it comes to modern business. They just don’t function in a competitive way otherwise. This means there is a necessity for planning IT projects in order to implement or upgrade technologies so that they are able to work within the latest modes of business, as well as provide a constructive platform to get business done more effectively and efficiently.

Something particularly unique about us is that we are able to communicate with our customers in their language, and not confuse them with technical jargon that is not applicable to their area of expertise. Never more important is this ability to communicate than when providing technical support.

In IT, managed services are an excellent way to have access to top quality support if things go wrong. Providing peace of mind and a hassle-free solution to any problems or concerns means that a company is free to focus on the core of their business – and not get bogged down in technical difficulties that might be distracting.

It’s not just about technical support of course, business security is a major issue – and at Serval Systems our managed services can help prevent any intrusions on a business network. Whether it is viruses, spam or a malicious system attack – our security services can help businesses large and small. This may involve email filtering, but also systems monitoring for larger companies – with everything tailored to individual needs.

Cloud computing is a great way for businesses to get the latest up to date software and data – providing a jointly accessible platform for a more synergistic approach. It does require some maintenance however, and our managed services create an excellent way for businesses to keep on top of the latest applications, security developments or backup solutions – and enjoy worldwide access to their data.

Managed IT services clearly benefit a business that seeks to operate outside the field of technology. With a reliable and professional service, you can rest assured that expert help is always on hand – and that your IT systems will always be well looked after, leaving you to focus on the more immediate aspects of your business.

If you have any questions, queries or would like to know more about any of our services – please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help.

Outsourced Computer Support

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Would you employ a car mechanic to look after your company cars and then also expect him to maintain your building, be your electrician, grounds man, cleaner, office administrator and then set future strategy for your business services? And yet many take that approach to IT.

Even moderate sized businesses now need a whole range of Computer Services to support their operations. So it is no longer good enough to expect an internal IT support person to be both a jack of all trades and yet somehow also a master of Email Systems, Active Directory, Core Server technologies, database management, Desktop support, Data coms, Data Security and often telephony and data integration. Let alone be well placed to lead your business forward in an ever changing technical landscape. To many business leaders the details and specialisations needed are not obvious and so they pay far too much for little more than a DIY IT service.

So how would Outsourcing help you.

By using the services of a firm like Serval Systems you can tap into the right specialist at the right time. Systems can be specified and built to your requirements by a team who have worked on similar projects time and time again. Serval’s experience in providing outsourced IT services and outsourced IT services for solicitors mean a strategy based on vast knowledge can be put in place to ensure your IT services support the success of your business and help you achieve your business goals.

Why not call Serval Systems for a free consultation and find out how Outsourcing could help your business.

IT Support in Sussex

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If you had to write a list of key requirements when choosing a company to provide you with IT  support in Sussex, there would be no prizes for guessing that cost effective, reliable, comprehensive, knowledgeable and experienced would all figure.

But how about local?

We’ve all come across “help” desks located at opposite ends of the country and even further afield. Whatever these companies tell us, being so remote means that they are not the right people to look after your business critical systems. That’s why we believe you should choose a solution that’s local to you, maybe even just up (or down) the road for your IT support in Sussex.

Our base in East Grinstead means that we are “local” to anyone in Sussex, and whoever you are and whatever your requirements, we have an IT Support solution to suit you.

By being, as it were, on your doorstep, we are ideally positioned to support your systems at first line user level, second line problem solving and third line, in-depth technical solutions.

Serval Systems‘ guarantee is based on a reputation earned by satisfying our clients throughout Sussex. These include our IT services for solicitors Mayo Wynne Baxter and plumbers’ merchants Drakes, both of whom have branches distributed across the county, Clarity Accounting in Billingshurst, Croudace Properties in Lewes, Direct Auto Finance in Horsham and St Andrew’s School in Steyning.

Call us now on 0843 636 6700 or email us for a free, no obligation, consultation to develop an IT solution that will help your business be the best in can be.