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Shield Your Business from Cybercrime

The average cost of every single, successful cyber attack is £180,000 and data breaches can cost a company millions – both are still increasing.

These are alarming statistics against evidence that such attacks are becoming more sophisticated everyday. Only recently 1.2 billion usernames and passwords, and 500 million email addresses were stolen by Russian hackers, where records can be sold on the black market or used for identity theft. They have also targeted vulnerable websites with a virus and extracted the contents of databases and many websites are still left vulnerable now.

Protecting against this kind of theft and corporate reputation damage means businesses must take their cyber security seriously and keep it up-to-date if they want to prevent this happening to them.

Update your security software – protect your network, computers and data by keeping your software, operating systems and browsers up-to-date and by having good security software such as anti-virus. This will scan your computer after every update.

Guard your internet connection – your internet connection could be the gateway to hackers if not protected. Guard it with a firewall to stop hackers getting hold of your data, including the computers of employees working from home. Also make sure your Wi-Fi connection is secure, encrypted and hidden.

Back up your data – you have heard us emphasise the importance of backing up your data in order to recover it should something go wrong. You should back up weekly, potentially automatically by storing your data offsite or on your cloud.

Secure mobiles and tablets ­– your data may also be vulnerable if the wrong person gets hold of or hacks your employees’ mobile or tablet. Make sure your employees lock their mobile devices with a password, they encrypt the sensitive data on it and have security apps to protect the information in public networks.

Install passwords and limit access – employees should only have access to the relevant files they need for their work. Files, computers and other digital devices should have passwords to prevent unauthorised access to sensitive information and each employee should have their own user account.

Train employees about security – almost two thirds of data breaches are caused by human error and 52% by insiders. Therefore it is essential to teach your employees security etiquette, such as strong passwords, internet guidelines, email security, how to handle confidential, sensitive data and having permission to install new software.

Avoid the risk of cyber attacks and have peace of mind by adopting the right security IT systems and behavioural tactics. Contact Serval Systems to find out about our ongoing security measures and support to shield your business from harm’s way.

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