Enterprise file sharing built with security in mind.

Citrix Files is an Enterprise File Synchronisation and Storage platform. It is unlike some of the more commonly known file-sharing options such as DropBox and Google Drive as it is built from the ground up in the most secure way as possible. Therefore, businesses can ensure they remain compliant with the necessary data security legislations while sharing important and sensitive documents.

Take back control for your IT department

Citrix Files can be configured to allow your IT department to set security policies throughout your company. You will be able to choose which workers have access to which files and at which time, as well as access comprehensive monitoring and auditing tools that provide consistency in seeing who is access what and when.

The application also has ‘follow-me authentication’ which ensures that once a document is encrypted by a password, authentication follows the document wherever it is sent – whether it is within the company or not. It will integrate with most antivirus programmes that have the functionality to help scan for the documents for viruses as they are uploaded.

Integration with your favourite productivity suites

Using a dedicated plugin, Citrix Files integrates seamlessly with Office 365 and Outlook. Therefore, files can be imported directly to the application, allowing users to upload, access and edit their files directly from their browser rather than having to tediously download and update them if changes are made. What’s more – by using the Citrix app for iOS and Android on a device of your choice, files can be accessed and edited on-the-go. 

The Outlook plugin also enables the sharing of files up to 100GB over email. 

Increased collaboration between teams

Citrix Files facilitates the sharing of content from various sources such as network shares or OneDrive. If you require document feedback and approval, it can be requested and received within the application and signed. Additionally, it is possible to sign and track legal documents without ever leaving the application.

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