Anti-Virus solutions are now a critical part of every IT environment. Whereas for smaller systems, a properly configured firewall with anti-virus software on each machine is often an adequate solution, larger or more sensitive companies may require a multi-layered approach with external e-mail monitoring, firewall-based active virus checking as well as onsite anti-virus software.

Serval Systems’ can supply a range of preferred software-based products from Kaspersky, Sophos and Symantec and can advise on the correct solution for your business.

Enterprise Solutions

Medium and large organisations are facing the challenge of protecting their IT environments from malicious threats that are growing in volume, complexity and lethality and can spread within minutes creating complicated issues for administrators. Our enterprise solutions defend every entry point on a wide range of platforms, are automatically updated, easily managed and fully supported.

Enterprise solutions, such as those from Kaspersky or Symantec, constantly react to new vulnerabilities and attacks, and provide customised and comprehensive alerts and countermeasures to prevent attacks before they occur, enabling companies to mitigate risk, manage threats and ensure business continuity.

Our expert team have many years experience in installing the highest level of antivirus protection for our clients. Get in touch with Serval today to find out how we can protect your business.