Corporate IT Security

The Internet, whether it be web access, email or remote working, is now a crucial part of any business, but the open nature of today’s computer environments means that your business is under constant threat from viruses, spam email, fraud, information theft and malicious system attack. All organisations, therefore, must take business security extremely seriously and Serval Systems can help you to do just that.

For larger businesses that require full security, we recommend a layered approach providing a practical, maintainable solution. This can include external mail filtering, a bridgehead firewall, internal web and email filtering, control and monitoring.

Business Security

Smaller organisation may need a more cost-effective solution and Serval will aim to recommend a correctly sized solution in each case.

We will be happy to take an initial look at your current and future requirements without any charge or obligation.

Where appropriate, we can create a costed proposal to help you select the best options for your business.

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