Protecting against cyber security threats is becoming a day-to-day struggle for many businesses. If you're not worried about them, you should be.

Our business IT security services will minimise the risk to not only your own business but to your clients, keeping their data as secure as your own.

The internet, whether it be web access, email or remote working, is now a crucial part of any business, but the open nature of today’s computer environments means that your business is under constant threat from viruses, spam email, fraud, information theft and other cyber-threats. Unfortunately, an attack on one organisation can affect an entire industry, or perhaps an entire supply chain. Therefore, business IT security should be taken extremely seriously, and Serval IT Systems can help you to do just that.

As a trusted provider of IT security technologies for the business world for nearly 20 years, we have experienced many threats and have vast experience in protecting organisations from some of the most damaging cyber attacks. It is this experience that has given us powerful knowledge of how the risks of these threats can be mitigated, therefore giving your organisation the best chance of staying protected.

Enterprise IT Security

For larger businesses that require full security, we recommend a layered approach providing a practical, maintainable solution. This can include external mail filtering, a bridgehead firewall, internal web and email filtering, control and monitoring. Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Hosted Desktop products are what we describe as an ‘all-in’ solutions, which provide larger organisations with all the necessary security tools required for them to maintain peace of mind.

Small Business IT Security

Smaller organisations may need a more cost-effective solution, so we recommend individual solutions such an email filtering, DMARC, backups and disaster recovery.

Business IT security shouldn’t just stop at services and solutions. Employees are currently one of the weakest chains in a business’ cyber-security chain and while human error is very difficult to combat, giving them access to training and additional information can make all the difference.

Through our partnership with the entrust IT Group, we can now offer you access to more resources than ever. Why not head over to their website to download the cyber-security White Paper?

Read more about our business IT security solutions here.

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We have been protecting businesses from cyber threats with our business IT security solutions for nearly 20 years – let us be the ones to protect yours.

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Serval Systems Ltd has provided us with a highly reliable IT support service for over 9 years. Two years ago we extended our link further, and outsourced our entire IT provision to them across the full range of services including ICT Strategy, server hosting and help desk provision. Our partnership has given us a definite business advantage in a highly competitive market

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