Thin Client Technology

Serval offers Thin Client solutions as part of its end-to-end server-based computing strategy.

Thin client terminals, such as those provided by Dell/Wyse, connect to Windows Terminal Services, Citrix or Unix servers and run server-side sessions which are displayed on the thin client terminals, therefore requiring near-zero management and administration at the desktop.

Thin Client Technology

Thin client terminals have the power of a PC, without the complexity. They are compact, energy efficient and productive desktops with all the dynamic user-experience of a PC but without the day-to-day complexities since all the functionality is derived from the server.

With no moving parts such as fans and hard drives, their service lives are extended beyond those of comparable PCs and their low power consumption means low-heat output enabling comfortable working environments with a reduced dependence on costly carbon-heavy air conditioning – often leaving workplace cooling achievable through natural ventilation.

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