Hybrid Cloud Solutions

A hybrid cloud solution is one that integrates both private and public cloud services.

All cloud computing solutions offer cost/benefit advantages. A business choosing to use a hybrid cloud solution essentially allows them to tap into the advantages of both solutions simultaneously.

How does this work in practice? 

The Serval Hosted Desktop comes with its own private email and collaboration services built on the Microsoft Exchange Server. As that is run by us, it makes it a private cloud service. However, we also support integration to the Office 365 platform, which is a public cloud offering. Therefore, a customer with a Serval Hosted Desktop with Office 365 has a hybrid cloud solution.

At Serval IT Systems, we use the hybrid model extensively to meet the varying needs of our customers. Some of the combined benefits a hybrid cloud solution can offer its users are listed below:

  • Cost efficiency: Hybrid clouds allow organisations to access the savings public clouds offer for as many business functions as possible. This is because they can have greater economies of scale than private clouds, potentially making them cheaper.
  • Scalability: There are often fewer boundaries in terms of scalability with public cloud services as resource is pulled from the larger cloud infrastructure. Moving as many non-sensitive functions as possible to the public cloud will mean organisations can benefit from the scalability of public cloud offerings while reducing the demands on a private cloud.
  • Flexibility: Combining the secure resource of private cloud services and the scalable, cost-effective public resource will give business more opportunities to explore cloud computing services.
  • Security: The private cloud element of a hybrid cloud solution provides organisations with the security where it is needed for sensitive business operations and meets the needs of regulatory requirements for data handling and storage.

Why pair with Serval IT Systems for your hybrid cloud solution?

Hybrid cloud solutions are highly effective for many businesses. However, they are very complex to design, implement, manage, secure and support. Serval IT Systems have been dealing with these solutions for a number of years and have the expertise in-house required.

Please get in touch to discuss a hybrid cloud solution for your business.