Business IT Support Services

Our IT solutions can meet a wide range of needs from clients of all sizes - from growing enterprises to corporate operations. These IT solutions come with the aim of bringing real IT improvements to your business's efficiency.

Once calls have been screened by the IT helpdesk in first line IT support, they may need to be resolved by the IT systems engineering team.

Some customers may choose to only send this type of call to us whilst dealing with initial problems themselves.

An engineer will be assigned the problem and will follow it through to completion. The IT systems engineer can call on the experience and knowledge of the whole team as well as the resources of our business partners.

Actual onsite support is not always needed. Sometimes it is still possible to use a remote IT support team with more specific knowledge.

Onsite personnel may be required to deal with issues, such as workstation problems, printer, scanner and peripheral issues that were not able to be resolved by 1st Line Support.

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