'The Cloud' is one of the biggest buzzwords in the business world. It has changed the way we work forever. Are you considering embracing more cloud services in your workflow? If so, what benefits will you gain?

The Cloud has swiftly become one of the most important tools of the modern business world. For many that have embraced it, the benefits of Cloud computing have been clear and immeasurable. However, there are still many businesses that remain reluctant to fully embrace cloud – instead opting for a ‘hybrid-cloud’ or even completely traditional ‘on-premise’ environments.

If you are considering using more cloud services, you will no doubt be interested in learning more about what makes the cloud so popular, and what tangible benefits so many businesses like yours are experiencing with a cloud workspace.


The Cloud allows an unparalleled level of freedom and mobility with your work. With the cloud, it is possible to choose exactly where and when you work, rather than being confined within your office. Cloud storage and cloud desktops make it possible to have your full work environment with you on the go. The cloud is also cross-platform, allowing your staff to work as normal on whatever device they choose, whether that be Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android. It is possible for your workplace to embrace a BYOD culture, without worrying about juggling multiple different platforms.


Because your crucial files, when stored in the cloud, are lifted from your hardware, they are not at risk should servers become compromised or damaged. Furthermore, your IT teams have more granular control over your security policy as files are not stored directly on a client device. Access can be revoked at any time to ensure that individuals do not have access to files that they shouldn’t.

Cloud services from Serval IT Systems are also secured with two-factor authentication to ensure that only the correct individuals can access your systems.


Unlike the ‘traditional’ IT environment of the past, cloud computing removes the need to purchase expensive servers and computers in order to run your environment. Cloud environments operate on a subscription model of a fixed monthly price. Rather than investing in hardware (which depreciates and is obsolete every few years) you simply pay based on the number of users and storage volume. You are therefore only paying for exactly what you need, month to month.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

If your office server failed or was hit by a cyber-attack, how quickly do you think you would be able to recover?

With the cloud, it is simpler than ever. In most cases, backup and disaster recovery are built-in to most cloud environments. This is certainly the case for Serval cloud environments. Most cloud services will take regular snapshots of your data to ensure that you are able to quickly restore from backup should the worst happen.

Ready to begin your cloud journey?

The benefits of cloud computing compared to the traditional computing model are clear and, for most businesses, compelling. If you are ready to begin your journey into the cloud, come talk to us.

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