Welcome to Serval Systems

Serval IT Systems offers a wide range of high-quality IT services and IT solutions for customers who require IT support in Sussex, Surrey or Kent.

Our goal is to help you and your business succeed by supplying the IT systems, computer services and IT support that is right for your business.

We have a track record of delivering successful IT projects and multi tiered outsourced IT support, while helping our clients achieve their goals, whether they are looking at reducing costs or managing their growth.

From cloud computing, prevention of cyber attacks and IT security, through to Mobile Device Management and managed IT services, we guide our clients towards the latest technology to suit their needs.

Our guarantee is our reputation – a reputation earned by providing IT solutions and IT services which satisfy a broad range of clients as diverse as solicitors, schools and accountants located throughout Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

Serval IT Systems are a proud member of the entrust IT Group – a group of Managed Service Providers based across the UK.