IT Services and IT System Development Projects

Major IT installations or upgrades can often create particular challenges for organisations. With the working week already filled by your day to day business, new IT projects, some critical to your future business success, have to compete with normal daily pressures and fit in alongside them.

So, with no spare time available, companies often expect their IT staff to undertake the planning, design and implementation of new technologies and systems in a live business environment, usually resulting in extended deadlines, ineffective systems, frequent failure and disappointing returns on investment.

At Serval Systems, we believe there is great benefit to be gained by using our team’s combined experience throughout your project planning, management and implementation phases. Wherever possible, we like to work with your internal staff every step of the way to ensure that they are fully trained, familiar with the new technologies and ready to take on future support and similar projects.

With a track record of successful, on-budget projects, you can rely on us to deliver the right outcome, every time.

We also offer lifecycle management where, as part of the overall project, we will remove older assets and either sell them on your behalf or dispose of them according to the Waste and Electronic Equipment Disposal Directive (WEEE). These important regulatory commitments can be seamlessly built into your project plan.

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