Cloud CCTV

Serval Cloud CCTV is a monitoring and recording service suitable for organisations of any size.

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These days, security has never been so important for the things we value. Our businesses are packed with expensive technology, sensitive information and irreplaceable intellectual property. Therefore, CCTV equipment is what is needed to deter criminal activity and to apprehend those that harm you. However, CCTV has, in the past, been out of the reach of most small businesses as it was too expensive. As for those that could afford it, they often complained of its inflexibility. Fortunately, those concerns have been resolved with the rise of the cloud and the introduction of Cloud CCTV.

Through our partnership with entrustIT and the entrust IT Group, Serval IT Systems can now offer Cloud CCTV to our clients.

Cloud CCTV is so easy to implement in your business. All you need is an internet connection, some IP enabled cameras and a subscription from Serval. Connect your cameras to the internet network in your premises and choose a package – you will be up and running in no time! If you need to expand your system later, more cameras and locations can be easily added. The cameras are immediately available for viewing and recording over the Internet. At work, at home or on the road, because it is in the cloud, you can log in to the service portal from anywhere using a PC, laptop or most modern Smartphones such as iPhone and Android.

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Deployment is quick and simple

Above all, ease of use is important. Serval can handle the complete installation of your Cloud CCTV camera system. We offer a variety of installation services, including:

  • Site evaluation and system design to accommodate your specific needs
  • Installation of cabling for power, network connections and other components
  • Installation of IP camera hardware and software
  • System configuration
  • Ongoing system maintenance
  • Technical support
  • Seamless integration with your existing network

What do you need to do?

  1. Purchase a camera (ask us for our recommended models) and choose an appropriate subscription
  2. Connect the camera to the internet
  3. We record and retain your video based on your subscription choice
  4. We send you alerts based on your preferences (motion, lost connection)
  5. You access your camera / saved video from your web browser or smartphone

You can download our product sheet.

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