5 Ways Cloud Computing Can Grow Your Business

Cloud computing has been hailed as an IT game changer.

Thanks to the Cloud, you can now discard your internal, complex infrastructure and manage your business’ data through the internet. Cloud computing is fully encrypted to your business and you are in charge of who accesses your company information. It is very secure, in fact it is often more secure than companies can store internally.

Cloud computing allows you to start small with almost no upfront capital investment and develop your IT resources at the same pace as your business growth.

So how exactly does cloud computing grow your business?

1. Cuts the Cost – with cloud computing there is no need for expensive infrastructure costs e.g. servers, routers or storage equipment. Cloud computing can serve many business needs e.g. Customer Relationship Management (CRM), accounting, collaboration, marketing etc. The cloud even cuts the cost of small elements such as printing because you can access and share documents anywhere without needing to print copies.

2. Enables Access Anywhere – cloud-based storage solutions allow your employees convenient access to company information anywhere, from any device, saving time and improving work efficiency.

3. Frees Up Time – Because the cloud can consolidate many processes, you now no longer have to manage a complex web of IT systems, enabling you to focus on your business and allowing time and money to try new business strategies, including those only affordable to bigger companies.

4. Increase Productivity – as you grow your business cloud computing provides you with enough resources to develop and host your own applications in the cloud. For instance you can easily update, manage and share documents across the whole company, such as you update a document on the cloud on one device it synchronises so that the document is updated on all other devices automatically. Therefore this enables you to have more employees in various geographical locations enabling them to collaborate with each other and share up-to-date versions of documents, with no need to save multiple versions of the same documents.  In turn this increases work efficiency and productivity as well as a clean, easy admin management system.

5. Allows International Growth – using the power of the internet cloud computing enables you to bring in business across the world. Not only does the cloud make it easy for your employees all over the world to collaborate as if they were in the same room, but it also allows collaboration with your clients. On the cloud you can easily share documents across the internet – no need for ongoing email tennis. But don’t worry, you can manage which documents clients can view and which they cannot, making your cloud even more secure and under control.

Cloud computing adds value to small business by helping you raise your small business to enterprise level. Now with the government planning on doubling UK exports by 2020, more businesses planning on expanding across the UK and the rest of the world and employees needing company information at their fingertips anywhere on any device, cloud computing is the IT solution for business growth.

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