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Bales Worldwide Ltd

Bales Worldwide is a growing tour operator with a long and successful history. Their business is based on a very high standard of service which requires a particularly reliable infrastructure and IT support.

Serval Systems supplied Bales with systems support for their PC-based IT environment for many years. In 2002 Bales opted to relocate all IT equipment, outsourcing all IT to our East Grinstead hosting centre

The Solution:

Data Backbone

The service is provided over a 2 megabit link between Bales and Serval Systems.

Data Centre

A Citrix farm and back office servers are in place and are being continually upgraded to provide a safe and secure environment for Bale's data and computer services. All maintenance and support can take place remotely from the Bales operation without inconvenience to the Bales business.

All of Bales servers benefit from being located in a proper secure, cooled computer room, with a standby generator and managed backup service.

Disaster Recovery

Bales has access to Serval's disaster recovery suite. Should an incident prevent access to their offices they would send key staff to continue operations on the hosted servers.


Bales Worldwide have selected to outsource all of their IT Services to Serval Systems. This has resulted in Bales being able to concentrate on their core business and utilise the space previously used by servers for expanded operations.

Bales also benefit from improved support as their systems are constantly maintained and monitored by our support team.

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