Becoming a Paperless Office – Avoiding Data Loss and Protecting Your Business

The idea of the paperless office has been around since computers first arrived on the business scene and yet, all these years later, it is still largely a myth. Why does the thought of relying completely on electronics give us such cause for concern?

Well, first, we’ve all heard the horror stories – from information theft and fraud, to system attacking viruses. Second, how reliable is your computer system really?

But there are ways to prevent these scenarios and maintain secure backed-up data, without the need to print out everything and use up the resources of an entire rainforest in doing so:

• Back It Up – unless data is properly backed up, you could be at risk of losing it. Saving information on to a disc or USB stick will not protect you from flooding and fire risks or theft and they are also far too easy to misplace. The secure alternative is Cloud computing, hosted virtual desktop technology. Essentially it is an online storage system, from which you can access your files at anytime, from any device in any place where there is available internet access. Serval Systems offer this complete IT solution, which will provide you with reliable access to your data whenever you need it and give you complete piece of mind that your documents cannot be lost.

 Security – If everything is to be stored online, what about cyber attacks? Although such attacks are a risk, this should not put you off converting to a paperless office; it is simply a matter of managing security threats via a top notch system. This is not something you need to worry about though as outsourced IT suppliers can provide you with a secure solution and take the hassle and worry off your hands. Serval Systems provide a practical management solution that is cost effective. We take business security seriously and take pride in protecting your business.

If your business is securely backed up and protected from security threats then a paperless office could have big benefits for your business. Not only will it reduce the clutter and endless muddled sheets of paper that take over your desk, it will save you large amounts of admin filing time which can be better spent on your business. You also have added advantage of being a greener business, which may win you more clients as environmental issues become ever more important.

So what are you waiting for? Start your switch to a paperless office today:
• Request your invoices and receipts electronically
• Use online banking
• Scan all your documents to the computer and send via email rather than printing copies
• Scrap your pen and paper and start using Apps to take your notes digitally
• Invest in e-signing technology so you can sign on the dotted line electronically

For more information on Cloud computing and secure IT systems contact Serval Systems on 01342 895180