Benefits of Outsourced IT Support and Services

As an integral part of your business, a working IT system keeps your employees and customers happy. Stories of big name companies whose IT systems have failed their customers are never far from the headlines and the damage can be long-term.

Outsourced IT support services however allow your team to focus on their jobs, whilst IT issues are left to the experts to fix – keeping your business ticking, and saving time and money. An outsourced IT team can offer:

Help Desk Support
A direct line of access for your team, allowing them to directly report any issues, however large or small the problem may be. Simple problems are often resolved within a phone call, whilst serious issues require an engineer’s in-depth knowledge.

Desktop and Software Management
Do your team know when their software needs updating? They shouldn’t need to – unless their job is within IT, of course. Outsourcing to an IT support company takes the hassle from your team and ensures your business systems and software are always up-to-date.

Disaster Recovery
What’s your recovery plan should the worst happen? Every business is susceptible to IT threats and failures, making a back-up plan essential to ensure you’re up and running again as soon as possible. Whether it’s through cloud computing or a disaster recovery centre, an IT expert will advise you on the best option to suit your business needs.

Serval Systems supplies outsourced IT solutions to companies of all sizes throughout Sussex, Surrey and Kent. Plumbing supply company, Drakes, came to Serval looking for IT support in East Grinstead when they wanted a solution to solve employee IT issues and high-level IT support. We work closely alongside the entire team to provide support services at their branches across Kent and Sussex, from first line support for team members through to complex IT issues.