Business IT Support for Offices

Bustling offices, small businesses and internal IT support have never mixed well. Busy offices have limited resources and a working week is packed with day-to-day tasks, leaving little spare time for staff to focus solely on IT.

Often it isn’t financially viable for small and medium businesses to hire a staff member dedicated to managing IT. And even if it is, there is always the question of how to cope if that employee is off sick, on holiday or suddenly quits their job. A dedicated outsourced IT team, on the other hand, will be there to support and guide your business through any major IT issues, in a much more cost-effective way than one person can.

Ongoing IT Support

How many times have you heard staff struggling to get computers and programmes to work, yet to no avail? At Serval Systems we offer a three tier support system, ensuring that no matter how big or small our clients’ queries are there is someone on hand to get them back to work.

If something went wrong with an employee’s computer is there someone they can quickly call to fix it? That’s exactly the kind of query a professional IT company are prepared for.

Planning and Implementing IT Development Projects

There’s little time to focus on new IT projects in a busy office, meaning your systems can end up left in the Stone Age. Would you know how to bring your IT systems up-to-date?

An upgrade and improvement in IT systems can increase productivity by streamlining work processes. An experienced IT team will be able to advise your business when it’s time to develop your IT and what you should be upgrading to.

Serval Systems worked with tour operator Bales Worldwide to provide IT maintenance, ensuring their systems were up-to-date and staff supported to maintain a high level of service to their customers. After relocating their IT equipment to our hosting centre in East Grinstead we were able to provide remote support for the business and their employees.

To find out more about how we can help with your IT developments and support contact us now by calling 01342 895180.