Choosing the Right IT Support Company

We live in a digital world and running a business without any form of digital technology is nigh on impossible. Storing vital data, sending and receiving emails, capturing client and customer details – can you imagine attempting to run your business day-to-day without even the most basic technology?

Finding an IT solution to match the everyday needs of your business has a whole host of benefits – from keeping a business running smoothly through to keeping employees and customers happy. Identifying your needs and requirements is the first priority, a reliable IT support company can offer expert advice when it comes to finding a suitable solution and introducing new systems and procedures. IT development projects require vast amounts of planning before the implementation in order to keep disruption to day-to-day business at a minimum.

Serval Systems provide IT support in Sussex, Surrey and Kent, to a variety of companies across numerous sectors including solicitors and schools. Working closely alongside your teams we will find out exactly what your requirements are and create an IT solution to match.

London and South East-based accountants Clarity Accounting got in touch with Serval Systems after noticing the growing demand from clients was affecting their software performance. As the business expects to continue its growth our team installed new systems which could be phased into the business as demand grew. All PCs were upgraded in order to improve performance and efficiency, an offsite back-up solution was implemented to protect the increasing amount of critical data and Serval Systems built a new IBM X3550 server ready for when Clarity upgrade their Windows Small Business Server.