Common IT Problems Facing Small Businesses

Anyone working with computers on a daily basis will be familiar with the IT problems which regularly arise. Both small and medium sized businesses rely heavily upon IT infrastructure, regardless of the sector you operate in. Having either an in-house IT expert or outsourcing to an IT support company is vital when it comes to dealing with the daily IT issues facing businesses, from small system blips to larger-scale problems.

At Serval Systems we have over 14 years’ experience working closely with a variety of companies to solve their IT niggles. Take a look at our list of the Top 3 most common IT issues we find facing businesses throughout Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

1. Budget

Despite the UK economy making a slow recovery from the recession, businesses are still often running on a tight budget and IT isn’t necessarily topping the list of priorities. Employing an IT services company to take that off your hands will actually save you money in the long run, ensuring you’re set up with the necessary networks and tools to get the most from your business.

2. Support

It’s rare to find an employee who can do the job they’re hired for as well as manage your IT systems. Small daily problems will always occur where an office is using computers and the network on a regular basis. When something goes wrong it’s reassuring to know there’s someone you can call on for help. With an outsourced IT company they’ll be a phone call away to get your employees back to work in no time.

3. Safe Data and Security

With the advent of cloud computing and the increase in security risks we are regularly asked ‘how safe is my data?’ ‘Where is it stored?’ From dodgy websites through to social media sites, email security through to viruses, hackers are finding increasingly creative ways to cause damage and disruption to businesses. Cutting back on business security programmes could cost further down the line. Imagine losing confidential information and important data, what would that mean for your business?

Struggling with the above issues? Or want to be pro-active and stop these issues ever affecting you? Get in touch with Serval now for an IT solution.