Could this mean the end of your IT headaches?

If you are one of the many businesses across the UK that are reliant on legacy applications for the day-to-day completion of tasks, you may be contemplating moving over to a more modern IT solution, such as Windows Virtual Desktop. If this is the case, have you taken into consideration how you might be able to deal with the common IT niggles that come with running a more complex IT environment?

If yours is an organisation full of IT experts, you are in great shape. However, if that is not the case, it is paramount that you get the support necessary to ensure your IT solutions run smoothly.

Windows Virtual Desktop is great. However, Microsoft do make the assumption that those who use it will have a degree of IT knowledge and experience when using it. This has meant that there is no direct support available from Microsoft for WVD. While it is true that Microsoft guarantee maximum uptime of the cloud services that underpin WVD, they do not support you directly for what you do with those cloud services.

Unfortunately, IT issues are one of those things that are inevitable. There will always be buggy software, unreliable emails and virus threats. If your organisation does not have the right tools when these issues arise, you can expect small issues to evolve into more serious problems which cause bottlenecks and costly downtime.

If those issues occur within your WVD environment, you will not be able to ask Microsoft for help to resolve those issues as you are expected to be able to resolve them yourself or enlist the help of an external support provider – which can get expensive quickly. It is not unrealistic to make the assumption that results in wasted time and halt in productivity, particularly since IT plays such a prominent role in daily business tasks.

Fortunately, help is available. A Windows Virtual Desktop solution obtained through Serval IT Systems give you access to our professional, friendly support team as standard. The Serval support team will assist you with the daily IT troubles that are inevitable so your employees can focus on core business tasks.

Upgrades, changes, enhancements. The team at Serval can handle all of these for you. Additionally, the service is proactive, to make sure that updates and improvements are made to increase the quality of the service as technology advances – this is unique to the service we provide.

The Serval team will handle all the complex, back-end tinkering that is required with a convoluted IT environment such as WVD. Furthermore, your employees will also gain access to a dedicated support team during office hours, giving them unlimited usage of resources to clear the common issues that occur on a daily basis – such as forgotten passwords and buggy software.

If you are looking to embrace a modern IT solution such as WVD, you should ensure that you have a robust plan in place should any common IT niggle arise. As we said before, you are in a good place if your organisation is already endowered with IT experts. If that is not the case in your company however, you should make you have some help on-board – why not chat to Serval IT Systems to see what we could do for you!