How cloud CCTV could benefit your business

Protecting workplaces from crime is a daily struggle for business owners. According to research, 95% of burglaries recorded to the police in the UK are not solved. CCTV is one solution that can be used to help reduce this figure. However, it is often a measure that is out of reach for many businesses due to the expensive costs and space it takes up.

Does your business have CCTV installed? Or do you have little room to dedicate to CCTV surveillance? Is keeping track of the surveillance a struggle due to your busy, on the move schedule?

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Since 2014, levels of crime have been increasing steeply, with there being 8.1 million incidents of crime in the UK in 2017 alone. As crime rates are at an all-time high, organisations are being advised to increase their security more than ever before. By implementing CCTV you are not only protecting your business, but you are ensuring the safety of your employees and customers as well.

Cloud CCTV is a relatively new way of using video surveillance, yet, it is extremely advanced. It has been benefitting businesses big and small in a number of ways. Read on to find out some of the main benefits…


Of those who look to use cloud CCTV, many are surprised to learn how cost-effective it can be.

Firstly, by all means, online storage is far cheaper than traditional on-site storage.

Secondly, cloud storage is not only cheaper but more flexible than backing up your own data. If you were to backup on-site, you would need to factor in all maintenance and hardware costs, which as you can imagine aren’t cheap. In comparison, with the wide range of cloud storage plans on offer, you would be able to find a plan that closely fits your requirements, for a good price.

Furthermore, because of the reduced amount of power needed to run online storage, you will be cutting the costs even further.

Disaster recovery

While there are a number of procedures put in place to prevent fires and other disasters happening, you can’t completely rule out the risk of one occurring. If your CCTV surveillance footage was stored on-site and the unfortunate event of a disaster hitting your office did happen, the risk of your surveillance being destroyed would be very high.

Fortunately, as your surveillance is stored in the cloud with cloud CCTV, your data would be protected. Therefore, you would no longer have to worry about that all-important footage being destroyed and lost. with cloud CCTV if one were to happen your surveillance would be safe in the cloud. Your business will no longer have to worry that the surveillance will be lost.


Surveillance footage of cloud CCTV can be accessed whenever you want, wherever you are, whether that be on-the-go, in the office or at home (providing you have an internet connection!). As the culture of remote working rises, this is becoming even more relevant and desired by business owners.

It is simpler and easier than ever to access your footage by the ability to do it on any of your devices with an internet connection (this is dependant on your provider). No matter what device you access it on, your surveillance is automatically updated across them at the same time, which would be essential if one of your devices was lost or stolen.

Quick and easy deployment

People often commonly misbelieve that installing cloud CCTV is complicated and lengthy. However, in fact, upon purchasing cloud CCTV packages you will often be offered a full installation of the system which will mean a short and easy deployment for your organisation.

As cloud CCTV resources are based off-site, it will also automatically free up space on-site. As a result, if you find you are struggling to find space for CCTV equipment, cloud CCTV would be the perfect solution for you.

Remote maintenance

In addition to a quick and easy deployment, cloud CCTV will also enable remote maintenance and troubleshooting. No longer do you need to depend on your IT teams on-site to resolve matters among other IT issues or projects they are already dealing with. You can have peace of mind that if something were to go wrong, expert technicians are working around the clock to resolve it to ensure as little disruption as possible to your organisation.

Flexible upgrades, additional storage and routine updates

With traditional on-site CCTV, it can be complex and difficult to easily expand your system if you want to. With cloud CCTV, as the installation is quick and easy due to the lack of equipment necessary, expanding and upgrading is not an issue.

There is nothing more frustrating than going to look at your surveillance footage to realise it all-important data has been overwritten as you have run out of storage overnight. Cloud storage has a lot more room for data in comparison to on-site equipment. Therefore, you can easily and conveniently increase your storage if you find you are running low.

Finally, it is obvious that every business should want their equipment running to the best of its ability. Cloud CCTV is updated routinely and will mean you can rest assured your CCTV is always running on the latest update.

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