How IT Can Help To Grow Your Business

As a business owner or manager you’ve probably made some resolutions, from how to grow your business with new leads through to ways to increase engagement with your existing customers.

Why not follow our tips below for business success:

• Get your IT systems in order
Before you can consider increasing your leads and customer activity, do you have the systems in place to handle any increases? A system failure is the perfect way to alienate clients old and new; it’ll degrade your company’s reputation and lose you customers. Don’t hinder your chances of business growth and building leads in 2014 – get your IT system up to scratch and fully supported so that should the worse happen you carry on with business as usual.

• Get your website up-to-date
Like it or not online is the way forward for businesses. If you’re guilty of leaving your website to its own devices, chances are it’s well overdue an update. From updating pictures to integrating a blog, there are plenty of quick steps you can take to awaken your company’s website. Company’s that blog get around 55% more website visitors.

• Get social
90% of data in the world today was created in the past 2 years due to the growth in digital marketing channels, such as social media. Digital channels, like Facebook, Twitter and email marketing, allow you to engage directly with customers old and new – all from the comfort of your desk. Social media and your website are now the best channels to network with and address potential and existing customers, as well being a great way to gain insight into your business growth.

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