How to choose the right VoIP provider

If you are looking to make an upgrade and replace your legacy phone system, your best option is a Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) phone system. Perhaps you have already decided on an upgrade to VoIP telephony is the way you want to go. With so many players in the VoIP industry, however, how can you be sure that the right system is available from the right provider to match your needs?

As with any improvement in your business’s infrastructure, it’s fair to expect some disruption and push-back as a result. People do not always accept change and can fight it, so it may be difficult to get workers back on side if teething problems get out of control.

If you want to upgrade to VoIP, it is clear that you will need to partner with an organisation that values trust and service quality. You also need to use a VoIP provider that is proactive in assessing the likely impacts of a VoIP upgrade to your network and one will work closely with you to smooth out the niggles of a new telephony system before those niggles become disruptive problems.

That is where Serval IT Systems come in. Our telephony support team are UK based and available to all of our telephony customers. When taking out a contract with us, you will have unlimited access to them over the phone or via email and they will work to resolve any issues you encounter with your VoIP. The support team are able to make remote improvements to your VoIP telephony, so you don’t have to wait around for crucial updates and changes – this can happen instantly, remotely and with minimal feedback from you.

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, the Serval VoIP platform (through our partnership with the entrust IT Group) also allows self-service configuration. The web portal allows you to configure new users, assign telephone numbers, access call recordings and many more adjustments.

Because we feel that building confidence between customer and supplier is crucial, we are offering the option of ‘try before you buy’. To do this, we offer a live demonstration of how the system works and the great features on offer, and then will leave the system with you for a free one month trial period. We supply all the equipment required so it is not necessary for you to make expensive purchases beforehand. At the end of your trial, if you are not happy, all you need to do is simply pass back our loaned equipment and we will part ways.

IIf you are satisfied with the way Cloud VoIP works after your loan period and understand the benefits it can bring to your company, we are offering some great contract options that will give you the best combination of flexibility and value. We offer both 12/24 and 36-month contracts for organisations looking for a long term solution. There are discounts available for these longer contract durations. However, if you would prefer flexibility, we can also offer rolling monthly contracts – but these do sacrifice the discounts you could expect with longer contracts.

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