How to make IT Systems more efficient for accountants

Today’s accountancy professional must find new ways to manage an ever greater quantity of client data securely and confidentially, and also engage with the technology that allows access to this data ‘on the move’.

At the same time, large businesses are expected to take a more thorough approach to their reporting.  Bosses and boards need expert accountancy advice – in particular, people with the technical know-how to help guide them through increasingly complex regulatory requirements.

Equally, smaller businesses who may still be feeling some aftershocks from the economic crash want to extract the maximum value from their accountancy service.

Meeting client expectations requires an efficient, robust, fit for purpose IT infrastructure.  Serval Systems has helped accountancy firms to acquire one.

Offsite storage

In our offsite server room we can build the latest IBM rack-mounted host server to take the pressure off your existing system and ensure the capacity is there to allow for more data to be stored  – ready for a future in which, hopefully, your client base has expanded.

Using a host company which provides the very latest in server technology, as Serval Systems does, will speed up your applications and handle the toughest workload challenges.

Further efficiencies

An offsite solution means you can concentrate your energies on your core, chargeable business.  IT maintenance is taken care for you.  Strong and streamlined backup and disaster recovery processes go on ‘behind the scenes’, but you can still gain access to them if you want to.

Meanwhile, in the virtual world of the cloud, you and your staff will be able to access files wherever you or they are.  You will be able to make very best use of time spent travelling to meet clients as your desktop travels with you.


If you feel comfortable with your existing server and are reluctant to make a change that may feel abrupt, then it can be virtualised by a host server.  The interface you have become accustomed to will remain the same, but you will also have the option to launch the hosted desktop from a smartphone or similar device.

Clarity Accounting is one of the firms we have helped.  Our service included upgrading all the firm’s PCs to Windows 7 Professional, which users found made a noticeable difference to performance.

If you think your firm needs advice on making your IT infrastructure more efficient, what backup method is best for you, or any aspect of cloud computing, please call the Serval Systems team today on 01342 895180.