In Safe Hands: The Benefits of Offsite Backup

Offsite backup is an essential component to any business’ disaster recovery plan. Without one you’re at risk of losing vital data should the unexpected happen, such as a fire, flood, theft or a major software or hardware failure.

Protecting your essential data from being permanently lost with offsite backup will enable your business to continue functioning as normal and protect your credibility, which can be jeopardised in the event of a disaster.

How Does Offsite Backup Work?

Offsite backups take your data from your main database such as network, files, phones and emails and replicates it in a different geographical location (e.g. with Serval Systems).

So when disaster hits your replicated data is waiting to be switched on, enabling your business to continue as usual with minimal disruption.

The Advantages of Off-site Backup

No data is lost – data is constantly being replicated in another geographical location. Therefore if your business experiences a disasteryour up-to-date data can swiftly be recovered.

Data automatically updates – the magic of offsite backup is there is no need for you or anyone else to manually update data. It will automatically update itself if anything is altered, eliminating risk of human errors.

It is secure– when data is transferred from your office to your offsite backup it is encrypted to ensure it is secure.

Recovery is quick – with all your data correctly catalogued and up-to-date in the offsite backup a disaster should not disrupt operations, delivery of customer service or waste your time – resulting in happy staff and customers.

It saves you money – owning your own physical storage solutions can be costly because you need to maintain them and backup data regularly yourself. Having a secure offsite backup run by an experienced team of professionals can ultimately save you time and money allowing you to focus on your business.

Save yourself the worry and take disasters in your stride with Serval Systems’ Offsite Backup Solutions. Simply call us on 01342 895180