When choosing a telephone system that is right for your business you need it to be cost-effective and meet the needs of all of your employees from receptionists to the directors.

Serval IT Systems can offer industry-leading solutions which can be tailored specifically for your business needs and deliver effective, scalable solutions that can adapt and grow as your business changes.

As long as the telephone remains the preferred choice of communication in the modern work environment, business telephony systems will be a core part of any business. Although there are many modern business telephone solutions available, so many organisations are still using outdated, legacy telephony.

If your business is still one of the three million in the UK still using an ISDN phone line, then it is time to start thinking about an upgrade. Our business telephone solutions can be configured whether you have 5, 25 or 250 employees, are just getting started or already established and whether you have a single office or multiple locations.

Hosted Telephony

Unlike traditional business telephone solutions, hosted telephony does not require any physical hardware on-site to function. All the important back-end infrastructure that makes it function is based over the internet. This allows your organisation to deliver business phone extensions to any employee anywhere, over any device that acts as one seamless system.

Our hosted telephony platform can be completely externally managed, meaning that there is no need for your staff to be involved in the telephony infrastructure. However, if you would prefer to have control over your telephony, Serval IT Systems can provide you with a self-service portal that allows you to create users, allocate numbers, listen to call recordings and much more.

Regardless of the size of your organisation or the location of your employees, hosted telephony is able to offer feature-rich business telephony to all employees from the cloud. With the BRIA softphone software, you can turn any devices into a ‘softphone’, allowing users to make phone calls over the internet.

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