Microsoft 365 support from a service team that CARES.

In recent years, Microsoft has unleashed a wealth of new productivity tools to their Microsoft 365 suite; ones that are powering workforces across the world. When the use of the platform started growing at such a pace, Microsoft decided to introduce a ‘Virtual Assistant’ to handle the many general questions users of the platform typically ask.

Microsoft has 10 call centres worldwide, including those in the United States, Latin America, China and Europe so if you want to speak to an actual human being, you are able to. However, if you want help from technicians who know and care about your company, you will not get it from here.

Microsoft Support is very limited for users. Support will be given to the infrastructure Microsoft 365 is run on and they will perform maintenance tasks, but when it comes to basic issues within your organisation, such as passwords being forgotten, the onus is on you to have an IT team to deal with them. This is not only time consuming but expensive. Furthermore, as having to resolve these issues in-house will distract individuals away from the task at hand – your ongoing business operations and productivity of employees will be impacted.

Buying your Microsoft 365 licenses through Serval IT Systems will be at no extra cost to Microsoft. However, you can have complete peace of mind you have support from a service team that will support you and cares about keeping your business up and running… at all times.

So, what can you expect from a support team that cares?

  • Faster response times – When calling through to Microsoft Support, you may find yourself sitting in a queue of people, waiting to get through to a human. The time of being in this queue can range from minutes to hours, with no guarantee they can fix the issue. With Serval IT Systemstelephone, remote and on-site support is available, meaning IT downtime is reduced as issues are resolve when they happen.
  • More personal client-engineer relationships – With something as important as the basic suite of tools your business relies on to stay productive, it is important for you to have access to a service team who knows your business’ specific IT needs. Support from Serval IT Systems means you also have a dedicated technical account manager throughout the duration of your contract. They will be your point of call to address any technical challenges, ensuring your business continues running smoothly.
  • A greater return on investment – Microsoft 365 is a big investment for a business, so it pays to ensure you get the most from your it. Serval IT Systems will set up, manage and help drive end-user adoption for all Microsoft 365 apps and features to ensure you have greater accountability from a Serval IT Systems’ solution.
  • Expert guidance and support – For a growing organisation, access to experienced IT professionals just isn’t possible. Serval IT Systems provides support via highly trained professional technicians who are experienced in all aspects of Microsoft 365 for Small Businesses and Large Corporate Enterprises.

Serval IT Systems want to remove the complexities of supporting and managing Microsoft 365 away from your business, and onto our shoulders. Our service desk will be able to assist in delivering your immediate goals, as well as free up time and resource for your IT departments to focus on important business developments.

Please get in touch for more information.