Because nobody wants to endure IT downtime.

When something goes wrong with your IT, it can cause great stress. Downtime results in reduced productivity, missed deadlines and a weakened reputation. Nobody wants that.

It is often the case that failures in your IT have some warning signs that are too frequently missed. Regular maintenance and awareness of the warning signs can go a long way to preventing IT failures and keeping your IT systems running. That requires a proactive service.

At Serval IT Systems, we pride ourselves on providing a friendly, professional, and above all proactive IT support service.

How does a proactive IT support service work?

At the heart of our proactive service is our robust monitoring tools. Our monitoring tools give our technicians a broad oversight on our entire customer IT environment, giving us the power to take a deep-dive into the statistics such as machine uptime, patch status and running processes. Any of the machines in our environment that show signs of wear or neglect are immediately flagged up, with issues resolved as swiftly as possible before they become crippling downtime.

Our monitoring tools also allow us to perform en-masse updates, patches and software installs outside of work hours or at a time convenient to your organisation. Regular patches and updates are vital to keep your machines protected from cyber-threats, and Microsoft releases new patches every second Tuesday of the month – so there are always plenty to do!

Furthermore, we also provide proactive IT support visits to your offices to ensure that your hardware is kept in great shape. Whilst most IT issues can be resolved over the phone using remote support tools, sometimes it is simply not possible. When that situation arises we can be on-site in good time to resolve the issues.

The best IT Support in your area

Serval IT Systems have experience across London and the South East. If you are a business in London and the South East we have the perfect package for you. Click on the option that most closely matches you below for more information:

If you are based outside of this region – why not take a look at the services on offer from the rest of the entrust IT Group?

Don’t just take our word for it!

Serval Systems Ltd has provided us with a highly reliable IT support service for over 9 years. Two years ago we extended our link further, and outsourced our entire IT provision to them across the full range of services including ICT Strategy, server hosting and help desk provision. Our partnership has given us a definite business advantage in a highly competitive market

Sue Gadd Practice Director, Mayo Wynne Baxter

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