Security Beyond the Software: IT Training for Staff

Anti-virus and firewalls may be the front runners in the battle against security threats however you may have another weak link lurking in your midst. Unless properly trained, your own staff could be the biggest threat to the security of your business network and information.

Nowadays massive data breaches can be tracked back to a single click made by an unsuspecting staff member. With security threats becoming more individually targeted, e.g. spear phishing and email phishing, training your staff needs to be a key part of your data security strategy.

Training your staff about security threats

  • Check your staff are fully trained on your business software and systems, such as using cloud computing.
  • Set boundaries for what classes as appropriate computer and internet use at work and ensure you have an internet usage policy.
  • Train your staff how phishing scams operate, to enable them to spot potential security threats.
  • Reduce access and add passwords to sensitive resources and documents so that only staff who need to can access them. This also adds an extra layer of protection against hackers.
  • Ensure that any staff working from home or remotely continue to adhere to the same rules and standards as are expected in the office. Cloud computing is a great way for your staff members to work from the same network in various locations.

Naïve or careless employees who don’t think about data theft or malware could be one of your biggest risks. Win the battle against security threats with the right security software and staff training by contacting Serval Systems on 01342 895180.

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