Staying Protected 101: The Business Firewall

When you leave the office at the end of the day you lock the doors behind you. The same should be the case for your computers, in order to protect the information stored on them. A firewall is that locked door to secure your business IT network, designed to block unauthorised access from other, less secure networks such as the internet.

Hackers attempt to access your financial and personal information and go after your high-speed connection in an attempt to send malicious viruses and worms. While some will cause inconvenience and perhaps damage your reputation, others can destroy your entire operating system. A firewall is an absolute basic requirement to protect your data from these kind of threats without obstructing your work, internet access or emails.

If your business has an office network it is essential you protect every computer by employing:

  • A hardware firewall (e.g. a router) to secure your whole network
  • A software firewall on each computer to prevent a virus spreading to your whole network if one becomes infected.

Larger companies should look for a multi-layered approach and adopt anti-virus software to work alongside the firewall on-site and offsite to protect the greater volume of sensitive information. Check out our IT security checklist for the fully secure approach.

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