The benefits real-time collaboration can bring to your business.

Collaboration is has been deep-rooted in business for many years. However, online collaboration has always been a challenge. Without the right tools, methods can be both cumbersome and inefficient. Fortunately, new technologies have been powering online collaboration like never before and transformed how we will work together in the future.

Employees are more mobile than ever these days, and because of this, are rarely collaborate in person anymore. Team chat, task management and file-sharing programmes have been a reality for some time now, but the need for flexible and efficient real-time collaboration solutions is obvious.

Microsoft noticed this and took real-time collaboration to the next level with Microsoft 365.

To give you an idea of what benefits real-time collaboration with Microsoft 365 can bring, we have gone through them below:

  • Clear and instant communication –With Microsoft 365, multiple users are able to simultaneously collaborate and communicate changes as they go. Anyone who is working on the document will see the changes happening live, as well as have the ability to add feedback in a convenient chat window with common communication features we all know and love.
  • Increase productivity – No matter what industry you are in, real-time collaboration with Microsoft 365 will increase productivity. This is because it supports all work styles such as allowing users to access the platforms from anywhere and work on what device they are most familiar with.
  • Saves time – Documents often require the input of a number of different people before it is complete. Previously this would involve the tedious process of emailing the document between multiple individuals to make their additions. Microsoft 365 makes this process a thing of the past by allowing employees to simultaneously collaborate.
  • Cost effective – Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based service, which means rather than buying a copy of the suite outright for a one-time, up-front cost, you pay a monthly fee and only for what you use. Additionally, as everything (including where your employees collaborate) is in the cloud, there is no need to invest in on-premise software and servers.
  • Better security – According to research, 15% of breaches are still caused by lost or missing devices. With the use of the cloud, business information is protected as data and files are not saved on the device. Security updates are also done automatically, so mitigate the risk of this being forgotten.
  • Improved participation – Forbes Insights Survey revealed that 93% of business leaders agree that cloud-based collaboration stimulates innovation. Microsoft 365 eases the way employees can communicate and connect, and therefore make them more empowered to collaborate with one another.

Microsoft 365 eliminates the barriers associated with collaboration and will turbocharge the productivity of your staff members. Microsoft understands that every team is different, which is why Microsoft 365 has been described as a platform that helps you you achieve more with flexible, secure tools that work the way you do.

We understand that investing in such a platform can be a big decision for many businesses. Why not get in touch with Serval IT Systems for a free no-obligation chat?