The IT Security Checklist for Businesses

Every day businesses are becoming more reliant on the internet – from storing data in the cloud to running their systems through computers and the internet. But lurking in the shadows sophisticated malicious software is being created, e.g. viruses, worms and trojans, ready to exploit weaknesses in networks and steal personal data. For instance, did you hear about the damage the recent Heartbleed bug had on businesses?

A security breech will cost your business both time and money, a serious breech can be too much for a business to return from. Take a look at our security checklist to ensure your business is protected.

Stay Protected: The IT Security Checklist Every Business Should Have

Antivirus – antivirus software detects, prevents and removes computer viruses and other malicious software. It is a fundamental security shield for your business, without it you are at risk of your files being deleted, your personal and client data stolen, your software being corrupted and even your computer hardware being ruined. Rectifying the damage caused by a virus attack can cost a lot of money and possibly a business’ reputation if any confidential information is compromised.

Back-up – 48% of companies don’t back up their data, which is surprising considering it is one of the most important assets. If there is a system failure or accidental deletion you will not be able to restore this data, which could have disastrous consequences e.g. your employees unable to work without this information and risking your company’s reputation. On-site isn’t the most reliable back-up but off-site back-up with Serval Systems gives you piece of mind your data is protected and secure 24/7, especially if your office gets damaged from a flood or fire.

Email Security – as the easiest form of contact to your business it is important to protect your business against the unwelcome aspects of email such as viruses, spam, trojans etc, which can create financial and operational burdens. Without a form of email security in place you risk losing private information, waste bandwidth and storage space, and are liable for illegal or offensive content.

Firewall – you need a sophisticated business class firewall to have complete protection from threats and secure your network. On-board firewalls on your Windows PC don’t offer much protection. However, if you have a sophisticated firewall it needs to be monitored and managed 24-7 by qualified people for it to be effective and up-to-date. Firewalls will also save you money on consulting labour.

Save yourself time, money and worry with Serval System’s IT security solutions and have a security system put in place that works for your business. Simply call us on 01342 895180