.uk – Should your business adopt the new domain name?

Is your business using a co.uk or org.uk domain name? It might now be time to secure the new slimmer model .uk.

Last month saw the release of new leaner domain name .uk by UK domain registry organisation Nominet. In its first 24 hours after launch .uk registrations surpassed 50,000 and Nominet expects this will rise to over 10 million. Nominet reported 93% of users prefer the new .uk to the 1000s of new domain names released in February 2014, such as .company and .london.

The new .uk domain name will bring Britain in line with the other major European markets where country domains have been available for some time e.g. Germany (.de), France (.fr), Spain (.es) and Italy (.it).

The advantages of being short

Shorter extensions

  • create more memorable domain names for your website’s visitors
  • establish a local identity for your company, making your location clear to your website visitors
  • attaches Britain’s global enterprise reputation to your business, helping to boost website traffic, trust in your website and, as a result, leads and sales.

How to secure your .uk domain

If you already have a web address that uses .co.uk or .org.uk you will get first dibs on its shorter equivalent. With the ability to reserve .uk versions for up to five years, you will be able to adopt it when it is convenient for your business e.g. when you can change your logo or print materials. However, it is important to note that while .co.uk is open for use by companies anywhere in the world, to use .uk you have to prove your business is based in the UK.

What else you need to know about securing .uk

With thousands of new domain names problems will occur and one such issue is cyber–squatting. This is when someone registers a well-known brand to a new domain name and either uses it to tarnish the brand or offers the domain name to the company at an inflated price. To avoid cyber-squatters companies have registered domain names that match their company so others cannot use them.

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