VoIP Features That’ll Have Your Office Ringing with Joy

The introduction of hosted telephony has revolutionised the way in which offices work. With more flexibility and ease, businesses across the UK are reaping the benefits of VoIP hosted telephony technology.

What is VoIP?

Firstly, what exactly does VoIP mean? Voice over Internet Protocol (or IP) simply means that calls are made over the internet. VoIP operates in a similar way to Skype, the phone system is hosted via cloud computing, meaning flexibility is at your fingertips – so long as there’s an internet connection.

Fab Features to Benefit Your Business

1. Hold Music
Say farewell to mute buttons plunging your clients and customers into silence and present a more professional appearance with built-in hold music. Choose the type of music you play to clients and ensure it’s in keeping with your company branding.

2. Call Routing
Because VoIP telephone systems are hosted in the cloud, you can route calls to wherever you are with an internet connection. Seamless call routing to computers and mobile devices mean you’ll never miss a call again.

3. Call Screening
Do constant sales calls disrupt your business? With the call screening feature you can manage all incoming calls, choose whether you want to route them to a mobile or disconnect them completely.

4. Remote Support
Issues are easily resolved on VoIP handsets. Cloud hosting means your system can be remotely accessed to review and fix any errors, meaning your business can be back up and running quickly.

5. Employee Friendly
The user-friendly interface of VoIP systems makes it easier than ever for employees to manage their phones. Employees will find simple tasks such as transferring a call quick and easy compared to traditional phone systems, increasing efficiency within the office.

6. Systems to Grow With You
Hosting your telephony systems in the cloud means that meeting the demands of the business happens at the touch of a button. Adding additional phone lines and handsets can quickly be implemented, so you’ll always have a phone solution ready and waiting when your business is ready to expand.

7. Reporting
Improve your phone efficiency with detailed call reports. Call data for inbound and outbound calls, including call history, duration, originator, destination and cost, are all captured and stored in the cloud.