VoIP: The modern telephony platform you NEED.

If you never heard of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), get ready to change that. Traditional analogue phone lines will soon be defunct, meaning organisations need to start thinking about making alternative arrangements.

After being first developed around 1995, VoIP is by no means new. However, it is the future of telephony and provides some amazing features to businesses that will allow them to keep up in today’s fast-paced business environment. It also has some significant advantages over legacy ISDN telephony such as improved voice quality, flexible working, lower cap-ex and much more!

Businesses that are in the market for a new phone system or know they will need to change over within the next couple of years often find themselves overwhelmed with choice; how can you be sure you’re getting the right system, from the right provider?

The two most commonly used internet-based telephony systems are SIP Trunks and Hosted VoIP. Both options have some key differences which make them work for different organisations. In short, Hosted VoIP does not require any physical hardware and instead, users are able to have a ‘soft-phone’ set up in comparison to SIP Trunks. You can find out more detail on these two options a recent blog post.

Cloud telephony such as Hosted VoIP meets the needs of the highly mobile, modern workforce. It makes it possible for your workforce to have the freedom to work from home or on-the-go without having to use their personal mobile for business calls. The Serval Cloud telephony platform is renowned for the freedom it offers a user as staff can begin a call at their desk, transfer it seamlessly it to their mobile, and continue the conversation on-the-go without the recipient on the end of the call ever knowing.

Aside from flexibility, cloud telephony is incomparable in terms of resilience to legacy and other forms of locally hosted telephony. Cloud telephony is cloud-based, meaning it has multiple options for failover, whereas a locally hosted VoIP server can easily fail and therefore, disrupt your bottom line.

These days, the number of players in the VoIP market is vast. As communication is a core part of business, it is paramount you do your research when choosing a provider for your telephony needs. We believe it always pays to go with someone that you trust and that values service quality. In making upgrades and improvements, it is also crucial to squeeze as much value as possible out.

We recognise the importance of these elements combined, which is why we do our best to not only give you the best possible support service but aim to give you the best possible value from your investment. If you decide to enter a support contract with us, you will have access to a highly experienced and always available support team who will proactively implement and manage your platform. Furthermore, you will get a free month of line rental for all users with a three-month ‘cooling-off’ period. This means that if you are not happy with the service, you have the ability to easily change.

The contracts we offer tend to be on a 12/24 month basis, or 36 months for businesses looking for a more long term solution. We can also provide rolling monthly contracts for those that would prefer flexibility. However, this will sacrifice the significant savings that can be had with our 24 and 36-month contracts where discount is available.

If you are looking to upgrade your phone system, look no further – please get in touch for more information.