What is Cloud Computing?

Have you ever been on the move or sat at home and really needed access to documents from your office at work? If your documents are hardwired in the office server then they aren’t going to budge, leaving you unable to complete the task you intended to work on.

But what if you could put all your documents onto a device which accompanies you everywhere?

How Cloud Computing Works:

Imagine your documents are a train you want to catch. Your devices (these could be your mobile, pc or laptop) are the stations you can catch them from. The internet and cloud software are effectively the tracks your documents travel along to get to your devices i.e. the stations. So you can access your documents on your devices anywhere there is an internet connection.

Key Features:

  • Access your documents anywhere – inside or outside the office whenever you need them, whether you’re away at client meetings or working from home.
  • Update one document, update them all – if you updated a document at work you would be able to access the same document at home and see all of the amendments.

Syncing your devices onto the Cloud makes accessing crucial up-to-date information seamless, regardless of your location and providing many benefits.

In our next blog we will discuss these benefits and how cloud computing can actually grow your business.

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