Why data backup is paramount for your organisation!

The rate of cyber-crime is showing no sign of slowing down. Therefore, it has never been more important to have appropriate back up for your data. Unfortunately, according to new figures, there are still a vast number of businesses who have inadequate, or even non-existent backup practises.

In a study of 514 UK business leaders, 17% reported that they do not back up their business data at all. Almost 50% of these respondents said their backups were kept on a separate system within the same office, indicating a concerning lack of disaster recovery plans.

The most important asset in a business is its data. The loss of it can have not only crippling financial impacts but also reputational effects. Backup and disaster recovery services will future proof your data in the event of a primary data failure. Primary data failure is the result of hardware or software failure, accidental deletion, or a human-caused event such as a malicious attack. Having the right backup in place will mean you can restore your data if an unplanned event occurs, and then recover with as little downtime as possible.

While there are a number of backup options available to organisations these days, not all are created equal. For example, many users of Microsoft 365 mistakenly think their documents and data are backed up by Microsoft; this is not strictly true.

Microsoft will replicate your data and documents across the platform on all your devices, as well as protect you against hardware and software failures on their side. However, what they don’t protect they will not protect you against any accidentally overridden or deleted files on your end.

In addition to this, other public cloud backup solutions such as Google Drive are not practical for business users as they simply do not have the enterprise-grade security controls needed to keep sensitive and personal data out of the hands of cyber-criminals. Therefore, the most effective way to keep your data protected is to back it up to an offsite location. For many organisations, a business cloud backup service will meet all needs, at a sensible cost.

Through our partnership with the entrust IT Group, we are able to offer a robust Cloud backup solution. Cloud backup means to back up the data from your workstations or servers to an entrust IT Group UK data centre via the Internet. The Online Backup Manager enables you to schedule backups to happen at specific times, or alternatively you can choose for your files to be automatically backed up as and when changes are made. This means that your business is covered across all areas should you experience any form of primary data failure. By leveraging cloud computing to create an off-site storage solution with almost no hardware requirements, you can rely on our cloud backup to deliver.

Cloud backup is often chosen by organisations to be part of their disaster recovery plan. This is because should your office experience a natural disaster such as a fire or is victim of employee theft, your data remains safe. According to Nationwide, disaster recovery plans are often overlooked by businesses, with 68% of those who took part in their survey reporting that they do not have one in place. If you want to help avoid downtime after an incident, you must have cloud backup as well as a disaster recovery plan in place.

The Serval business cloud backup is suitable for businesses of all sizes, in all industries. Why not take the next step in protecting your business by getting in touch with Serval IT Systems for a free no-obligation chat?