Why You Need a Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster has struck, you have had a major hardware failure, a fire or flood, or accidentally deleted critical data – what are you going to do?

What would happen to your business should one of these scenarios strike?

  • Long periods of downtime
  • Unhappy customers
  • Permanent loss of data

With an effective disaster recovery plan (DRP) in place you can avoid downtime and potential loss of customers and data.

What is a Disaster Recovery Plan?

A DRP is a set of well planned procedures designed to recover mission critical data should your business be hit by a disaster. A series of steps, such as onsite and offsite backup, are implemented to ensure your business can easily recover in these scenarios – getting your systems back up and running as quickly and effectively as possible with minimal disruption to your customers.

Benefits of a Disaster Recovery Plan:

A DRP reduces costs – you can imagine any disaster is going to cost money to a business, but having a recovery plan speeds the process of system and data recovery, reducing the time and cost of repairs.

A DRP protects your reputation – experiencing a big disaster can be devastating for a customer facing business, however a DRP allows you to deliver all main business services to customers therefore protecting your credibility.

A DRP protects your data – a disaster recovery plan means you can quickly restore that vital data which keeps your business running and your customers happy.

A DRP maintains work productivity – having a recovery plan in place gets your operations and services up and running as soon as possible so minimal time is lost and your staff are not badly disrupted.

The bottom line is a disaster recovery plan is essential and for a vast majority of companies having a fully tested, satisfactory DRP embedded into the business is a must have.

Save yourself the time, costs and worry if a disaster should hit by having a disaster recovery plan right for your business. Simply call Serval Systems on 01342 895180