Will your backup be there when you need it?

We have talked a lot about Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) and how it has proved to be revolutionary for organisations looking to bridge the gap between the legacy applications they cannot live without and the modern IT environments that most of us are embracing now, such as Microsoft 365.

WVD incorporates your applications into a desktop environment which is based in Microsoft Azure – this couples seamlessly with Microsoft 365. giving your company the best of both worlds.

If you are interested in WVD it is also likely that you are interested in security and the protection of your precious business data. The rise in cyber-attacks, particularly ransomware, highlights the need fora strong backup solution. Regular, encrypted backups of your core business data will slash the amount of time required to recover from a cyber incident or accidental deletion of data massively.

With that in mind, does having WVD ensure that you are covered from cyber incidents with a robust backup solution? Not exactly.

While Microsoft do offer backup for data in Microsoft 365 and Azure as a cost-option, it is not offered by default in a way that most organisations would expect or require. Data in Microsoft 365 and WVD operates with a 30-day retention period, with historical data being erased beyond the 30-day period.

For many organisations, a basic backup like this is not suitable. More often than not, if a file is deleted, it takes some time for it to be noticed. Furthermore, as the data in SharePoint is backed-up every 12 hours, there is the risk of you losing an entire day of work should a data lose incident occur.

As a result, users of Microsoft 365 and WVD should also install a backup solution to properly protect the precious business data in their environment. In fact, even Microsoft themselves recommend that an extended backup tool is used.

Serval IT Systems recognise this need and have a backup solution that is a perfect fit for Windows Virtual Desktop users. Our partnership with the entrust IT Group means we can offer backupIT, a tool which uses a small client, installed on each of your WVD instances. On each of these, it will perform a comprehensive backup of your data to an external location, either in the Serval private cloud or public cloud areas such as Azure or AWS.

BackupIT is configured to automatically backup your data in 3-4 hour intervals, drastically cutting the amount of data loss you would expect should you need to do a full restore from backup. The tool also conducts its backups in the background so that there is no need for input from the user. Backup occurs in a designated area that allows a disaster recovery plan to be implemented should the worst occur.

The tool is a low-cost addition to your Windows Virtual Desktop and customers of WVD with Serval IT Systems will find great value using this option. BackupIT for WVD gives your organisation peace of mind that valuable data you rely on in your WVD environment is always backed up on a daily basis to a secure environment which in the event of a data loss incident, can easily be recovered from.

If you are interested in a modern IT environment such as Windows Virtual Desktop and are looking for a version with excellent backup in place, look no further than WVD with Serval IT Systems – get in touch with us to discuss your new IT environment.