BYOD: What does your business need to be ready?

The huge move towards bring your own device (BYOD) and flexible working in the modern workforce introduces a range of new challenges for IT teams. It used to be that they had full control of what devices are on the network… now they have to deal with a much wider variety of devices. Given that they are still responsible for ensuring that data remains safe, companies need to look at emerging technology and how they can be implemented in their operations to help with this.

According to research, seven out of ten small businesses in the UK have now included BYOD as part of their everyday operations. The result of this has meant that far more people are using Mac and other devices to complete their work. If IT departments fail to implement a unified IT solution that works cross-platform, businesses will run the risk of alienating members of their team.

So, how can you provide your employees with the applications and tools they require to effectively carry out their jobs across multiple platforms while still maintaining security?

Microsoft 365 has been designed to work in the modern workplace by delivering the power of the cloud to organisations of all sizes, in all industries. It has full functionality whether team members choose to work on PC, Mac, iOS or Android. As all documents and data are synced across devices, documents can be started on a laptop and finished on an iPad! This accessibility allows for seamless employee collaboration, which is a key component of efficiency in a successful company. For many businesses, Microsoft 365 has on been the de-facto platform; it is estimated there are now 180 million monthly active users.

Cyber crime these days is a very real threat – no organisation is immune. Experts have said the damages will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021! The rise of BYOD has also meant there has been a rise in security concerns. Microsoft 365 has a number of trusted and tested protections which help to protect against spam, malware, viruses, phishing attempts, malicious links, and other threats.

Although Microsoft 365 was designed to be ‘self-service’, we have found if you are not tech-savvy, the process of creating and configuring for first use can be complicated and time-consuming. Furthermore, there are a number of plans on offer and selecting the right one is an important component of a successful decision-making process.

At Serval IT Systems, we can provide you will expert advice from IT professionals whom have delivered a number of Micrsooft 365 projects to orgamoisations in a vast range of industries. If you choose to buy your licenses through us, it is at no extra cost to what you would pay to do it through Microsoft. The only difference is that you have access to a support team that is always available and cares. Microsoft support is very limited for users – find out why here.

If employees are given the choice of what device they want to work on and do their best work with, they will be more motivated and, in turn, more productive. With Microsoft 365, your office can be anywhere and your IT department will be happy because the experience is seamless.

Making the switch to Microsoft 365 offers multiple advantages for your business. However, we understand it is a big investment. Why not get in touch for more information to see if it’s for you?