Private Cloud Solutions

The private cloud is a specialised cloud infrastructure built specifically for your business. It provides the same scalability and flexibility of the public cloud, with the added benefit of greater control over security and the system itself.

This type of solution is perfect for larger businesses or ones that require strong regulation.

Private cloud solutions are managed and hosted by a private organisation. Accessing this type of solution is done so via the internet or a private internal network. Users will have isolated access to the resources they choose.

If your business is relatively large or has a very specific set of requirements like those in the healthcare and financial industries, it is likely that this is the cloud solution for you. This is because private clouds give you far more control over the solution and it can better fit your requirements. Some of the main benefits include increased scalability, security and cost-effectiveness.

Why pair with Serval IT Systems for private cloud solutions?

As a technology provider with a number of years of experience in dealing we cloud environments, we understand that the cloud can be complex and confusing. Additionally, if you are not tech-savvy, managing and hosting your own IT can be time-consuming and distract away from your bottom line. As a result, we aim to provide our customers with the best possible cloud solution for their business and cut through the complexity it can bring.

We will work with you to form a cloud solution that meets your immediate needs and long-term goals. Each private cloud solution for our customers is different, as no two businesses are exactly alike and require a variety of different services.

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