Business IT Support Services

Whatever your requirements, Serval Systems have an outsourced IT Support solution to suit. Our solutions can be tailored for clients of all sizes from growing enterprises to corporate operations with our aim being to demonstrate real improvements to your business's efficiency by providing the following outsourced support services:

  • First line user support,
  • Second line problem solving
  • Third line, in-depth technical solutions

Serval Systems have partnered with leading vendors to offer the best business IT services and support to our clients. 

First Line Support

Serval's first line support service can be provided for each system user to allow direct access to helpdesk services. Immediate and simple problems are usually resolved with one of our support consultants during the initial call.

When necessary, more involved technical problems can then be passed on to the second line systems engineers.

Second Line Support

Once calls have been screened by first line support, they may need to be resolved by the systems engineering team. Some customers may choose to only send this type of call to us whilst dealing with initial problems themselves.

An engineer will be assigned the problem and will follow it through to completion. The systems engineer can call on the experience and knowledge of the whole team as well as the resources of our business partners.

Third Line Support

This category of call may be very complex. Calls escalated to this level may require significant effort and planning to solve. In some instances, system level changes may need to be agreed. Very often an engineer with in-depth knowledge of the particular system will be selected to maintain good customer service.

Call the team now on 0843 636 6700 or contact us for a free consultation - we will provide you with an IT solution that will ensure your business is the best it can be. 

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