Data Replication & Business Continuity

The explosive growth in storage, and increased data availability demands, has forced IT managers to investigate new, cost-effective technologies for disaster recovery and business continuance. 

Anti-Virus solutions are now a critical part of every IT environment. Whereas for smaller systems, a properly configured firewall with anti-virus software on each machine is often an adequate solution, larger or more sensitive companies may require a multi-layered approach with external e-mail monitoring, firewall-based active virus checking as well as onsite anti-virus software.

Data Replication & Business Continuity

Data replication solutions monitor file changes as they occur on one (or many) of your source servers, replicating them in real-time to a target server over your existing network links.

Thus, if you were to suffer from a business-threatening downtime – from a half hour server glitch to catastrophic damage to your premises – the remote replication servers can immediately provide backup copies of all your critical files and can even assume the identity of the failed server virtually eliminating data loss and downtime.

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